Outstanding Bard Weapons in D&D

In the enchanting and diverse world of Dungeons & Dragons, Bards rise as the true embodiment of versatility. They are the ultimate jacks-of-all-trades, wielding not only their spellcasting talents but also a unique flair for the art of combat. The Bard class is a balanced blend of creativity, mysticism, and martial prowess, making them a celebrated and captivating presence in the realms they traverse.

Bards are renowned for their musical and magical prowess, and these abilities often steal the spotlight. With their instruments and voices, they weave enchanting melodies that can mend allies’ wounds, inspire their comrades to newfound heights, or lull enemies into a trance. Their magic, equally beguiling, allows them to manipulate the very fabric of reality, bending it to their will with spells that range from whimsical to devastating.

In combat, Bards are not just musical troubadours or mystical artisans. They are swashbucklers, agile duelists, or seasoned archers who can hold their own in battle. The Bard’s choice of weapon signifies their commitment to a multifaceted identity that seamlessly blends artistic expression with martial prowess. It symbolizes their readiness to stand shoulder to shoulder with knights, warriors, and spellcasters, ready to face foes with finesse and fury.

Bards embody the essence of adaptability and showcase the power of choice, for they can be a master of music, a scholar of the arcane, and a formidable warrior. In this way, the Bard becomes a multifaceted gem in the realm of heroes, able to dazzle with a symphony of skills and wield weapons as a testament to their versatility and readiness for any challenge.


5 Shortsword

While two-weapon fighting might not be the most damage-efficient choice, it can suit the playstyle of a melee-focused character. However, Bards also possess numerous bonus action options, from Bardic Inspiration to spells like Healing Word or Misty Step. While a shortsword can be a decent choice, some Bards may prefer to keep their options open by using their bonus actions for something other than combat.


4 Longsword

The longsword offers an alternative to the rapier for Bards who wish to utilize a versatile and finesse weapon. Both weapons deal the same damage, but the longsword’s versatility comes in its one-handed and two-handed grip options. While more damage is possible with two hands, wielding a longsword in one hand leaves the other free for spells and other tasks.

Hand Crossbow

3 Hand Crossbow

Those seeking a compact ranged weapon may find the hand crossbow a great place to start. With its light feature, allowing for single-handed operation, the hand crossbow offers superior versatility for striking from afar. For Bards who prefer combining spellcasting with ranged weapon combat, the hand crossbow is a practical choice when ammunition is just as valuable as arcane energy.

Light Crossbow

2 Light Crossbow

The light crossbow may be their best option for ranged combat because Bards do not possess the Extra Attack feature available to other classes. The light crossbow may not match the damage output of magic, but it provides a reliable means of attacking from a distance, allowing players to conserve spell slots for when they are genuinely needed.


1 Rapier

For Bards in the heart of combat, the rapier is the quintessential choice for a melee weapon. With its finesse property, the rapier allows Bards to utilize their Dexterity for attack and damage rolls. Its damage output is comparable to a longsword, making it the weapon of choice for Bards looking for higher damage roles while maintaining an agile and graceful combat style. The rapier embodies the Bard’s ability to blend artistry and precision into their martial prowess.

The Bard’s choice of weapon depends on their character concept, combat style, and role within the party. Whether it’s the finesse of a rapier, the practicality of a light crossbow, the potency of a hand crossbow, the versatility of a longsword, or the flexibility of a shortsword, each weapon reflects the Bard’s multifaceted nature. Whatever they choose, Bards can enter the world of Dungeons & Dragons well-equipped to enthrall their allies, mesmerize their audiences, and defend themselves with artfulness and flair.

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