Fiercest Fighter Weapons in D&D

Fighters are the stalwart warriors of Dungeons & Dragons who bring many different combat abilities to the adventuring party. As masters of martial combat, they can wield a wide variety of weapons, each offering unique advantages in different situations. The greatest strength of the fighter class is how versatile they are as combatants—there are very few wrong choices for a weapon, if any. Whether it’s the sheer destructive power of a two-handed maul or the finesse of a one-handed blade, what a player chooses will depend entirely on the character they want to create.


10 Whip

While not a standard build, Fighters who prioritize Dexterity and desire reach should look into the whip. It may not deal as much damage as a sword or bow, but it offers the advantage of expanding a character’s melee range through reach. Fighters can utilize the Sentinel feat more effectively without requiring Polearm Master.


9 Bows

Fighters who excel in ranged combat should consider bows, particularly the longbow. The Archery fighting style complements these weapons, enhancing accuracy and damage output. Small-sized characters may opt for the shortbow due to the Heavy property of longbows.

Hand Crossbow

8 Hand Crossbow

The hand crossbow is a reliable ranged choice for Fighters, even before acquiring any relative feats. It provides consistent damage output and flexibility in battle as a light weapon. Crossbow Expert enhances its effectiveness and mitigates the bonus action constraint, making it a compelling option for significant ranged damage.

Two-Handed Polearms

7 Two-Handed Polearms

The glaive and pike are excellent choices for Fighters who prefer to engage their foes from a distance. They offer reach and combine perfectly with the Polearm Master and Sentinel feats, allowing Fighters to control the battlefield and protect their allies more efficiently.


6 Greatsword or Maul

Fighters focusing on sheer damage output should consider wielding a greatsword or maul. These formidable two-handed weapons deliver devastating blows and are ideal for Fighters who forego specialization in defense in favor of overwhelming offense.


5 Handaxe

The handaxe is a practical choice for Fighters with high Strength scores who favor dual-wielding. It allows for a versatile and dynamic combat style that focuses on quick strikes and the ability to adapt to changing situations.

War Pick

4 Longsword, War Pick, or Warhammer

Fighters who prefer a single, reliable weapon with high Strength will find the longsword, war pick, or warhammer excellent options. These adaptable weapons are well-suited for straightforward, hard-hitting combat styles without the two-handed requirement of heavier options.


3 Versitile Polearms

The quarterstaff and spear, when used one-handed, are perfect choices for Fighters who wish to employ the Polearm Master feat. They offer the advantage of reach, allowing Fighters to attack from a distance while maintaining flexibility in combat.


2 Rapier

Fighters who rely on Dexterity for their combat prowess should consider the rapier. It is a finesse weapon that enables Fighters to use their Dexterity for attack and damage rolls. This weapon emphasizes precision and agility in combat.


1 Shortsword

The shortsword is an agile choice for Fighters with high Dexterity scores who prefer a dual-wielding combat style. Wielding two shortswords, Fighters can capitalize on their bonus action options and deliver rapid strikes to increase damage per turn.

The best weapon for a Fighter depends on their character concept, combat strategy, and party role. Each weapon reflects the Fighter’s combat style and readiness to face the challenges of the Dungeons & Dragons world. Whichever they decide to wield, fighters are well-prepared to engage in battle, using their chosen weapons to carve their path to glory on the battlefield.

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