Admirable Artificer Weapons in D&D

Many players view Artificers as the true visionaries of Dungeons & Dragons. They are ingenious crafters and inventors who masterfully bridge the realms of magic and machinery to forge a remarkable array of captivating contraptions. These versatile artisans possess a unique blend of ingenuity, a profound understanding of mechanical intricacies, and powerful arcane secrets. Artificers are a class apart in the dynamics of adventuring parties, seamlessly melding technological prowess with magical versatility.

At the heart of the Artificer’s identity lies their inventive spirit, which fuels their ceaseless curiosity and relentless desire to create. They possess the remarkable ability to craft mundane tools and magical wonders, transforming raw materials into fascinating devices and infusing them with arcane might. Artificers are the masterminds behind these fantastic inventions, whether it’s a self-propelling carriage, a suit of enchanted armor, or a firearm that harnesses the elements.

The Artificer’s proficiency with tools is unparalleled, allowing them to manipulate the physical world with unrivaled finesse. They are skilled blacksmiths, alchemists, and tinkerers who can weave intricate spells into their creations. Their ingenious designs range from wondrous healing items and utility gadgets to powerful weapons that deliver devastation on the battlefield.

However, despite the remarkable gadgets and spells that are their defining characteristics, Artificers must still confront the tough choice of weaponry to aid them in combat. Their decision is more than just personal preference or combat strategy. It is a testament to their resourcefulness and preparedness for the unpredictable challenges of their adventures, emphasizing that Artificers are more than just ingenious inventors—they are formidable combatants, ready to face any challenge with their enchanting creations and formidable weaponry.

Light Crossbow

5 Light Crossbow

The light crossbow is a reliable choice for ranged attacks for Artificers at lower levels. Until you reach level five, the damage from this weapon will technically outperform most cantrip damage. It’s an excellent backup when you don’t have the necessary stats to use damage cantrips effectively or want to conserve spell slots. While its output may diminish as Artificers gain more magical options, it remains a practical choice for early-game engagements.


4 Dagger

Artificers, particularly those not specialized as Battlesmiths, often rely on daggers as their go-to melee weapon. The versatility of this small blade is apparent in its ability to be used both in melee and at range. As a finesse weapon, it allows Artificers to employ their Dexterity for attack and damage rolls, providing flexibility in combat. While its damage output might not be as impressive as bows or crossbows, the dagger’s multi-use nature makes it an essential tool in the Artificer’s arsenal.

Hand Crossbow

3 Hand Crossbow

When paired with the Repeating Shot infusion, the hand crossbow is a reliable choice for Artificers. This combination ensures rapid fire without the need for ammunition management. Artificers can also carry a shield as a light weapon to provide an extra layer of protection, which can be invaluable in the heat of battle. The hand crossbow is perfect for those wanting a versatile range option with minimal fuss.


2 Pistol

If your campaign world (and game master) allows for firearms, the Artificer can wield a pistol with proficiency. It’s a versatile ranged weapon that deals more damage than a standard hand crossbow, making it a superior choice for Artificers. When applied to a pistol, the Repeating Shot infusion ensures that Artificers can keep the bullets flying without needing manual reloading.


1 Longbow

The longbow is an excellent option for Artificers who embrace the role of a ranged combatant. It pairs perfectly with the Battlesmith subclass, where Intelligence becomes the primary stat for attack rolls and damage. The longbow’s impressive range and damage output make it ideal for Artificers who prefer to engage their foes from a distance. With their proficiency in this weapon, Artificers can deliver precise shots and support their allies while remaining out of harm’s way.

The choice of the best weapon for an Artificer depends on the character’s concept, playstyle, and the role they fulfill within the party. Their selection should reflect their inventive spirit and adaptability. With careful consideration, Artificers can enter the world of Dungeons & Dragons well-equipped to blend their innovative gadgets and spells with the perfect weapon for any challenge.

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