Serious Artificer Backgrounds in D&D

Artificers in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) are masters of invention and creation, blending magical knowledge with technological prowess to craft fantastical contraptions and imbued items. However, the artificer’s background is just as crucial in shaping their narrative identity and providing mechanical benefits to support their playstyle. From traversing the depths of space to delving into ancient tomes of forgotten knowledge, the background of an artificer can add layers of depth and intrigue to their character. An incorrect artificer background may not exist with suitable narrative exploration, but some may provide unique advantages and more natural narrative progression.

Wildspacer Artificer


For artificers venturing into the Spelljammer setting, the Wildspacer background offers a compelling narrative backdrop. With two tool proficiencies and bonus hit points per level, this spacefaring background enhances survivability and presents captivating storytelling opportunities. Whether your character was traumatized by encounters with Space Clowns or captured by Beholders, the Wildspacer background provides a rich foundation for character development and future adventures in the vast expanse of space.

House Agent Artificer

House Agent

The House Agent background shines in the Eberron setting, where artificers thrive. With two tool proficiencies and a skill proficiency in Investigation, artificers can embody the role of curious detectives within the intricate web of intrigue that defines the world of Eberron. Whether unraveling mysteries or navigating the political landscape of noble houses, the House Agent background offers narrative hooks specific to the setting, allowing artificers to engage in thrilling investigations while showcasing their intellectual prowess.

Hermit Artificer


Despite not explicitly tailored for artificers, the Hermit background seamlessly aligns with the class’s themes. With proficiency using Herbalism Kits and access to the Discovery feature, the Hermit background suits artificers who have made groundbreaking discoveries, prompting them to retreat into seclusion. Players can collaborate with their Game Master (GM) to define the nature of these discoveries, striking a balance between academic intrigue and plot relevance. Whether uncovering ancient relics or unlocking arcane secrets, the Hermit background adds depth to an artificer’s backstory and motivations.

Sage Artificer


For artificers immersed in the pursuit of knowledge, the Sage background offers unparalleled opportunities for mastery. With a Scholarly Specialty and Researcher feature, artificers become authorities on the inventions of the multiverse, delving into manuscripts and studying scrolls to unlock the secrets of artifice. Whether cataloging rare artifacts or deciphering complex magical systems, the Sage background accentuates an artificer’s academic pursuits and intellectual curiosity.

Far Traveler Artificer

Far Traveler

In campaigns where reconciling technology with traditional fantasy lore poses a challenge, the Far Traveler background provides a seamless solution. With proficiency in an Instrument or Gaming Set and the All Eyes on You feature, artificers can hail from distant lands, bringing with them the wonders of invention and discovery. Whether introducing novel technologies or exploring cultural differences, the Far Traveler background allows artificers to navigate unfamiliar territories while preserving the integrity of the fantasy setting.

Cloistered Scholar Artificer

Cloistered Scholar

Like the Sage or Hermit backgrounds, the Cloistered Scholar offers artificers a straightforward yet effective narrative framework. With a choice of skill proficiencies and the Library Access feature, artificers can trace their journey from dedicated study to practical application. Whether apprenticing with esteemed mentors or conducting research in prestigious institutions, the Cloistered Scholar background emphasizes the academic and intellectual rigor required to master the complexities of artifice.

The best background for an artificer in D&D depends on the character’s backstory, setting, and thematic preferences. Whether charting the unexplored reaches of space or unraveling the mysteries of ancient tomes, each background offers unique advantages and storytelling opportunities for artificers seeking to leave their mark on the world of magic and invention.

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