Great Barbarian Backgrounds in D&D

In the vast and intricate realm of Dungeons & Dragons, where heroes emerge from diverse backgrounds, the Barbarian class stands out as a primal force, embodying raw power and untamed fury. Many define Barbarians by their combat prowess and unique origins, whether hailing from the tranquil countryside or the rugged wilderness.

Folk Hero Barbarian

Folk Hero

For Barbarians who rose to prominence within their tribes before venturing into the wider world, the Folk Hero background offers a compelling narrative foundation. As revered figures in their home villages, these Barbarians are destined for greatness, called to confront the threats that loom over the common folk. With proficiencies in Animal Handling and Survival skills and artisan’s tools or land vehicles, Folk Hero Barbarians blend natural prowess with practical knowledge. Their defining event, whether a daring rescue or a triumphant battle against tyranny, propels them into a life of adventure. Rustic Hospitality, a hallmark feature of this background, allows them to seamlessly integrate into rural communities, finding refuge and aid among the commoners they champion.

Soldier Barbarian


For Barbarians shaped by the crucible of battle, the Soldier background offers a path forged in conflict. Whether part of a disciplined army or a ragtag militia, these warriors have honed their combat skills, mastering Athletics and Intimidation. Armed with a symbol of rank and a trophy from a fallen foe, Soldier Barbarians carry the weight of their past exploits into new adventures. Their specialty within military ranks grants them a unique perspective, whether as a seasoned commander or a fearless frontline fighter. While their tool proficiencies may seem secondary, they can remind them of their martial heritage, adding depth to their character.

Outlander Barbarian


For Barbarians who find solace in the untamed wilderness, the Outlander background beckons with its call of the wild. Raised far from civilization’s comforts, these rugged individuals possess unparalleled skills, excelling in Athletics and Survival. Their origins as nomads, hunters, or explorers imbue them with an intimate knowledge of nature’s secrets. Armed with a staff and a hunting trap, Outlander Barbarians can easily navigate the wilderness, drawing strength from their connection to the land. Wanderer, their defining feature, grants them unparalleled navigational prowess and sustenance in even the harshest environments.

Sailor Barbarian


For Barbarians who have braved the stormy seas, the Sailor background offers a life defined by adventure and peril. Whether serving on merchant vessels or pirate ships, these seafaring warriors possess unmatched prowess in Athletics and Perception. With navigator’s tools and a familiarity with watercraft, Sailor Barbarians confidently command the open ocean. Ship’s Passage, their signature feature, allows them to secure passage aboard sailing vessels, forging alliances and embracing the call of the sea once more.

Uthgardt Tribe Member Barbarian

Uthgardt Tribe Member

For Barbarians bound by tribal loyalties, the Uthgardt Tribe Member background embodies a legacy of strength and heritage. Descended from proud clans steeped in tradition, these warriors excel in Athletics and Survival, reflecting their upbringing in the harsh North. Armed with totemic tokens and tribal markings, Uthgardt Barbarians carry the legacy of their people into the world. Their Uthgardt Heritage feature grants them unparalleled knowledge of the wilderness and the hospitality of allied tribes, forging connections that span generations.

The diverse backgrounds available to Barbarian characters in Dungeons & Dragons offer rich storytelling opportunities and mechanical advantages that complement the class’s primal nature. Whether hailing from humble beginnings as Folk Heroes, seasoned veterans as Soldiers, wild wanderers as Outlanders, daring sailors as Sailors, or proud warriors of Uthgardt tribes, each Barbarian brings a unique blend of skills, tools, and experiences to the adventuring party, shaping the course of their epic journey through the realms of imagination.

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