Imposing Paladin Weapons in D&D

Within the vast and wondrous universe of Dungeons & Dragons, Paladins emerge as ideals of justice, the staunch defenders of the faith, and the living embodiments of unwavering righteousness. These noble warriors are beacons of hope in a plagued world of darkness, standing as bastions of light, honor, and courage. Their presence invokes a sense of inspiration and awe, for they are more than just warriors; they are champions of a higher calling.

Above all else, Paladins are known for their steadfast dedication to their chosen cause, be it the divine tenets of a god, the pursuit of justice, or the protection of the innocent. Their commitment to these principles is unwavering, and they are prepared to go to the ends of the earth to smite evil with a righteous fury that transcends the mortal realm. Their actions speak volumes, and their devotion is evident in every word they utter and every deed they undertake.

The divine powers flowing through their veins are their primary source of strength and the force that fuels their supernatural abilities. Paladins can call upon their deity or oaths to channel holy energy, heal wounds, and deliver righteous retribution upon the wicked. However, it is not solely through divine intervention that they carve their path in the world. The choice of the right weapon is, in fact, of equal importance.

While their faith and divine abilities are their bedrock, the weapon a Paladin chooses is an extension of their will, a symbol of their readiness to act, and a testament to their preparedness for future trials. These weapons are more than mere tools; they embody the Paladin’s resolve. The proper weapon is a matter of great importance, a decision that speaks of a Paladin’s preferred combat style, their functional role in the campaign, and the image they wish to project.


5 Versitile Polearms

Paladins who embrace the Polearm Master feat and wish to maintain the option of wielding a shield will find the quarterstaff or spear to be their ideal weapons. Like their two-handed cousins, these polearms provide the reach advantage required for a Polearm Master build, allowing Paladins to strike from a greater distance. However, with the ability to wield these weapons in a single hand, Paladins can keep the other free to hold a shield, reinforcing their defenses and providing an extra layer of protection for themselves and their allies.


4 Rapier

The rapier is the definitive option for Paladins who favor finesse and precision over raw strength. This elegant weapon allows Paladins to channel their divine wrath gracefully and accurately. With its finesse property, the rapier enables Paladins to use their Dexterity for attack and damage rolls, benefitting those who seek a more nimble and agile combat style, aligning perfectly with the finesse builds they may pursue.


3 Longsword or Warhammer

The longsword and warhammer are the weapons of choice for Paladins who appreciate the balance between offense and defense. These versatile weapons offer the flexibility of one-handed combat, allowing Paladins to maintain a free hand for a shield or spellcasting focus. Whether it’s the longsword’s finesse and precision or the warhammer’s raw and unyielding power, these weapons are emblematic of a Paladin’s multifaceted approach to combat.


2 Greatsword or Maul

For Paladins who prefer to wield their divine might with sheer force, heavy weapons such as the greatsword or maul are the go-to choices. These two-handed behemoths deliver devastating blows and testify to a Paladin’s unwavering commitment to righteousness. With these formidable weapons, Paladins can smite their enemies with overwhelming force and make a powerful statement about the consequences of evildoing.

Two-Handed Polearms

1 Two-handed Polearms

Polearms are a versatile and strategic choice for most Paladins. Whether it’s a halberd, glaive, or pike, these weapons feature the coveted reach property, enabling Paladins to strike at foes from a distance. Reach is especially valuable for Paladins who seek to control the battlefield and protect their allies. When combined with the Polearm Master and Sentinel feats, polearms become even more potent. Paladins can disrupt enemy movements, defend their comrades, and maintain a vigilant watch over the battlefield.

While there are many great options for a Paladin, selecting the best weapon can become an intensely personal and tactical decision. It reflects the Paladin’s character concept, their combat strategy, and their role within the party. Regardless of the choice, each weapon symbolizes the Paladin’s unwavering commitment to the cause of righteousness. Their weapon allows them to take up arms with the confidence that they are well-equipped to conquer evil and protect the innocent.

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