Exceptional Paladin Feats in D&D

Paladins, the stalwart defenders of righteousness and champions of virtue possess a unique blend of martial prowess and divine magic in Dungeons & Dragons. As they progress in their adventures, they can enhance their skills through feats, special abilities that grant additional powers beyond what their class features provide. Choosing the right feats can significantly impact a Paladin’s effectiveness in combat and role-playing scenarios.

Gift of the Chromatic Dragon Paladin

Gift of the Chromatic Dragon

The power of chromatic dragons manifests in this feat, offering two distinct advantages to Paladins. With Chromatic Infusion, Paladins can imbue their weapons with elemental damage types such as acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison, adding an extra 1d4 damage for a minute. This ability synergizes well with Extra Attack, providing a substantial damage boost against foes vulnerable to specific elements. Additionally, Reactive Resistance allows Paladins to mitigate incoming elemental damage by granting themselves resistance as a reaction, a valuable defensive tool against various threats.

Great Weapon Master Paladin

Great Weapon Master

Paladins proficient in wielding heavy weapons can unleash devastating strikes with the Great Weapon Master feat. By accepting a -5 penalty to their attack rolls, they gain a significant +10 bonus to damage on a hit. Moreover, scoring a critical hit or reducing a creature to 0 hit points grants them a bonus action attack, further amplifying their damage potential. While the penalty to hit may seem daunting, Paladins can offset it through other means, ensuring that each successful strike substantially damages their adversaries.

Inspiring Leader Paladin

Inspiring Leader

Charismatic Paladins excel in bolstering the morale of their allies through the Inspiring Leader feat. Spending just ten minutes to inspire companions grants temporary hit points equal to the Paladin’s level plus their Charisma modifier to up to six friendly creatures. These temporary hit points can buffer against damage, enhancing the party’s survivability during challenging encounters. With their natural charisma, Paladins can inspire their comrades to more incredible feats of heroism and perseverance on the battlefield.

Polearm Master Paladin

Polearm Master

A versatile feat that complements the Paladin’s combat style, Polearm Master offers numerous benefits, particularly when paired with abilities like Improved Divine Smite or Oath features. Paladins wielding polearms gain the ability to make a bonus action attack with the opposite end of their weapon, effectively increasing their damage output. Additionally, they can make opportunity attacks when foes enter their reach, further controlling the battlefield and protecting their allies. Whether wielding a glaive, halberd, pike, quarterstaff, or spear, Paladins can exploit the full potential of this feat in combat.

Sentinel Paladin


Combined with Polearm Master, the Sentinel feat transforms Paladins into unparalleled guardians of their allies. By hitting a creature with an opportunity attack, Paladins can halt its movement for the turn, preventing it from advancing or retreating. Furthermore, they can make opportunity attacks against creatures attempting to disengage, ensuring that enemies remain engaged in combat. Additionally, Sentinel enables Paladins to protect their allies by punishing foes who attack targets other than themselves, further solidifying their role as defenders of the weak and champions of justice.

Shield Master Paladin

Shield Master

For Paladins who favor a sword-and-shield approach, the Shield Master feat provides defensive and offensive benefits. With the ability to shove creatures as a bonus action while taking the Attack action, Paladins can control the battlefield by repositioning foes or knocking them prone. Additionally, the feat enhances their Dexterity saving throws by adding the shield’s AC bonus, improving their resilience against spells and other harmful effects. Furthermore, Shield Master allows Paladins to interpose their shield to negate damage from specific effects, further bolstering their defenses in battle.

The choice of feats is crucial in maximizing a Paladin’s effectiveness in combat and enhancing their capabilities as guardians of justice. Whether focusing on elemental prowess, devastating melee strikes, inspiring leadership, battlefield control, or defensive tactics, Paladins can tailor their feats to suit their preferred playstyle and role within the party. By carefully selecting and synergizing feats, Paladins can become unstoppable forces for righteousness, embodying the ideals of courage, virtue, and unwavering resolve.

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