Major Monk Class Features in D&D

Few classes in Dungeons & Dragons embody the essence of martial prowess and spiritual discipline quite like the Monk. This enigmatic class eschews heavy armor and conventional weaponry, relying instead on agility, knowledge, and the power of ki to overcome adversaries. While the path of the Monk may seem austere at first, its class features offer a wealth of options for players seeking a dynamic and versatile play style.

Monk practicing unarmored defense

Unarmored Defense

Central to the Monk’s combat prowess is the principle of Unarmored Defense. At 1st level, Monks can calculate their Armor Class (AC) without needing cumbersome armor or shields. Combining Dexterity’s nimbleness with Wisdom’s intuition, Monks can achieve AC levels on par with heavily armored warriors. Those able to eventually max out their Dexterity and Wisdom may attain an impressive AC of 20, rivaling that of a fully armored knight.

Monk Practicing Martial Arts

Martial Arts

The cornerstone of a Monk’s arsenal lies in mastering Martial Arts. From the outset, Monks gain proficiency in combat styles emphasizing unarmed strikes and monk weapons, such as shortswords and quarterstaffs. This feature allows Monks to utilize Dexterity for both attack and damage rolls and to make additional strikes as a bonus action, enhancing their offensive capabilities.

Monk using ki


Monks unlock the latent energy known as ki, which fuels their most potent abilities as they progress. Beginning at 2nd level, Monks gain access to a pool of ki points, which they can expend to execute various ki features. Among these features are Flurry of Blows, Patient Defense, and Step of the Wind, each offering tactical advantages in combat. Ki points replenish after rest, underscoring the Monk’s reliance on inner harmony and meditation.

Monk Using Extra Attack

Extra Attack

At 5th level, Monks gain the Extra Attack feature, enabling them to strike twice instead of once when taking the Attack action. This augmentation significantly enhances the Monk’s offensive potential, allowing them to deliver a flurry of blows with unparalleled speed and precision.

Monk Using Stunning Strike

Stunning Strike

One of the Monk’s most potent abilities is Stunning Strike, which debilitates foes with a targeted assault on their ki. Monks can force opponents to make a Constitution saving throw or suffer the effects of being stunned by spending a ki point upon landing a melee weapon attack. This condition incapacitates foes and leaves them vulnerable to subsequent attacks, making Stunning Strike a cornerstone of Monk combat tactics.

Monk Using Ki-Empowered Strikes

Ki-Empowered Strikes

As Monks reach 6th level, their unarmed strikes transcend the mundane, becoming imbued with ki energy that overcomes resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks. This feature ensures that Monks remain effective against foes with innate defenses, reinforcing their role as versatile combatants.

Monk Using Evasion


At 7th level, Monks attain a heightened level of agility with the Evasion feature. This innate reflex allows them to dodge area effects with remarkable proficiency, mitigating damage even in the face of potent spells or breath weapons. Combined with their high Dexterity saves, Evasion makes Monks exceptionally resilient against environmental hazards.

Monk Using Diamond Soul

Diamond Soul

A feature attained at 14th level, Diamond Soul epitomizes the pinnacle of a Monk’s spiritual journey. This feature imbues Monks with unparalleled proficiency in saving throws, granting them resilience against many threats. Furthermore, Monks can expend ki points to reroll failed saving throws, further cementing their reputation as masters of self-discipline.

Monk Using Empty Body

Empty Body

Upon reaching 18th level, Monks unlock the ability to transcend the physical realm with Empty Body. By expending ki points, Monks can render themselves invisible and resistant to damage, granting them unparalleled mobility and survivability in combat. Additionally, Monks gain the ability to cast astral projection, offering a means of exploration beyond the mortal plane.

Monk Using Perfect Self

Perfect Self

Finally, at 20th level, Monks achieve Perfect Self, embodying their mastery over mind, body, and spirit. With this feature, Monks who have expended all of their ki regain four points when rolling initiative, ensuring sustained effectiveness throughout prolonged engagements.

The Monk class in Dungeons & Dragons offers a multifaceted approach to combat, blending martial prowess with spiritual enlightenment. From the agile strikes of Martial Arts to the metaphysical abilities of ki, Monks embody the epitome of versatility and adaptability on the battlefield. Whether delivering devastating blows or evading mortal perils, the Monk is a paragon of discipline and martial excellence in Dungeons & Dragons.

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