Top Monk Multiclass Options in D&D

In the vast expanse of character possibilities within Dungeons & Dragons, the Monk class stands as a beacon of disciplined combat and inner harmony. Their mastery of martial arts and spiritual enlightenment are the threads that weave the intricate tapestry of their existence. However, within this tapestry lie whispers of untapped potential, drawing Monks toward the unexplored realms of other classes. Despite their dedication to their path, the allure of different abilities and techniques calls to them, promising new heights of prowess and versatility.

Monk-Rogue Multiclass

Multiclassing with Rogue

A strategic blend for Monks lies in the Rogue class, particularly for those following the path of the Shadow. Attuned to the elusive dance of darkness and light, Shadow Monks find a kindred spirit in the Rogue’s cunning and stealth. A single-level dip into Rogue can transform a Monk into a shifty infiltrator, adept at slipping through the shadows and striking with precision. Adding Rogue skills and expertise enhances the Monk’s versatility, allowing them to navigate social encounters with finesse or unravel the mysteries of ancient ruins with keen perception. Moreover, the Sneak Attack feature adds a potent burst of damage to the Monk’s strikes, turning their flurry of blows into a deadly dance of shadow and steel.

Barbarian-Monk Multiclass

Multiclassing with Barbarian

The Barbarian class may starkly contrast a Monk’s disciplined ways with their embodiment of raw, primal power that can tap into the untamed fury of their rage. While melding the tranquility of the Monk with the ferocity of the Barbarian may seem incongruous, players can find beneficial synergies. Both classes offer the Unarmored Defense feature, albeit with different ability score dependencies. For Monks burdened by the need for multiple high ability scores, leveraging Constitution for AC through a Barbarian dip can alleviate this strain, allowing them to focus more on their primary attributes. This synergy is particularly appealing for subclasses like Kensei and Drunken Master, which rely less heavily on Wisdom. However, it’s essential to weigh the trade-offs carefully, as a dip into Barbarian may compromise the Monk’s reliance on features like Stunning Strike, which depend on Wisdom.

Monk-Fighter Multiclass

Multiclassing with Fighter

Exploring the martial prowess of the Fighter class, Monks discover a realm of disciplined combat techniques and tactical versatility. The Fighting Style feature offers intriguing options for Monk multiclassing, with the “Unarmed Fighting” style holding particular promise. For Monks seeking to incorporate grappling into their repertoire, this Fighting Style provides valuable benefits, enhancing their ability to control and manipulate opponents in close-quarters combat. However, the path to mastery is challenging, as grappling relies heavily on Strength, a secondary attribute for most Monks. Nevertheless, the synergy between Monk and Fighter can unlock potent combat tactics and strategic flexibility for those willing to overcome this hurdle.

The multiclassing options for Monks in Dungeons & Dragons are as varied and nuanced as the martial arts they wield. Whether embracing the shadows as a Rogue, channeling primal fury as a Barbarian, or mastering combat techniques as a Fighter, Monks can forge unique and formidable identities through multiclassing. As they embark into the realms of adventure, Monks who dare to tread the path of multiclassing will discover new depths of power and potential, enriching their journey with every step.

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