Standout Monk Feats in D&D

In Dungeons & Dragons, the Monk is a paragon of agility, combat prowess, and spiritual enlightenment. Their mastery of martial arts, precision, and speed make them formidable adversaries and invaluable allies. Yet, even the most skilled Monk can benefit from acquiring feats. These additional skill sets can augment a Monk’s combat prowess and provide avenues for personal growth and specialization, allowing them to tailor their abilities to suit unique challenges. Through this pursuit, Monks transcend the boundaries of conventional martial arts and unlock new dimensions of power and versatility.

Crusher Monk


The Crusher feat embodies the essence of overpowering force, enabling Monks to manipulate their enemies with devastating blows. This feat offers a multifaceted advantage, allowing Monks to increase their Strength or Constitution score, which is crucial for bolstering their combat prowess and survivability. The ability to push foes away upon landing a bludgeoning attack disrupts enemy formations and facilitates hit-and-run tactics, granting Monks greater battlefield control without expending precious Ki. Additionally, the prospect of scoring critical hits with bludgeoning damage grants Monks a rare advantage, amplifying the lethality of their strikes and turning the tide of battle in their favor.

Gunner Monk


Versatility is critical in combat, and the Gunner feat can empower Monks with a unique skill previously unexplored by many in their tradition. Gaining proficiency in firearms and a boost to Dexterity, Monks seamlessly integrate these new weapons into their arsenal, bridging the gap between ranged and melee combat. The ability to ignore the loading property of firearms and negate disadvantage from close-quarters engagements afford Monks unparalleled flexibility. Whether raining down precise volleys from afar or transitioning to close-quarters combat with a musket, the Gunner feat expands the Monk’s tactical options, ensuring they remain a force of reckoning.

Skill Expert Monk

Skill Expert

A Monk’s journey extends beyond martial prowess, encompassing a breadth of skills essential for navigating the perils of adventuring life. The Skill Expert feat elevates a Monk’s proficiency to new heights, offering an additional boost to an ability score alongside expanded skill mastery. With the flexibility to choose a new skill proficiency and enhance existing expertise, Monks transcend their limitations, fulfilling vital roles within their adventuring party. Whether infiltrating enemy strongholds as stealthy scouts or unraveling ancient mysteries with scholarly insight, the Skill Expert feat empowers Monks to excel in diverse endeavors and emerge as indispensable allies.

Durable Monk


Survivability is paramount for any adventurer, and the Durable feat provides Monks with a much-needed edge in enduring the rigors of combat. By bolstering their Constitution score and ensuring a reliable minimum hit point recovery, Monks weather the storm of battle with unparalleled resilience. This feat enhances a Monk’s longevity and instills confidence in their ability to withstand even the most punishing assaults. Monks find renewed strength and determination with each hit die roll, pressing forward with unwavering resolve and indomitable spirit.

Tough Monk


In the face of ever-present danger, Monks seek to fortify their bodies against harm, and the Tough feat offers a potent solution to their perennial struggle for survival. Monks emerge as stalwart defenders capable of enduring the most grueling trials by substantially increasing their hit point maximum and steadily augmenting it with each subsequent level. This feat mitigates Monks’ inherent fragility and encourages them to confront adversaries head-on, knowing their resilience knows no bounds.

The selection of feats plays a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of a Monk in Dungeons & Dragons. From enhancing their combat prowess and versatility to fortifying their resilience and survivability, each feat offers unique opportunities for growth and development. By carefully considering their choices and embracing the path of mastery, Monks transcend the limitations of mortal flesh and ascend to unparalleled heights of martial excellence.

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