Prime Fighter Class Features in D&D

The Fighter class in Dungeons & Dragons stands as a pinnacle of martial prowess, offering many options for customization and combat effectiveness. From mastering different fighting styles to pushing beyond normal limits in battle, a Fighter’s abilities can significantly shape their playstyle and effectiveness on the battlefield. Whether they specialize in close-quarters combat with a sword and shield or rain down death from afar with a bow, Fighters embody the epitome of versatility and adaptability in combat scenarios. With their unparalleled dedication to martial excellence, Fighters inspire awe and fear in equal measure among their allies and adversaries alike.

Bugbear Fighter

Fighting Style

One of the defining features of the Fighter class is the choice of Fighting Style, which significantly influences combat tactics and weapon preferences. The versatility offered by this feature makes it an attractive option for multiclassing. The Defense style stands out as a solid choice, providing a +1 bonus to AC when wearing armor. However, the Archery style reigns supreme for those inclined towards ranged combat. Offering a substantial +2 bonus to attack rolls with ranged weapons enhances accuracy, especially when combined with the Sharpshooter feat. On the other hand, the Dueling style shines for those who prefer a balanced approach, granting a +2 bonus to damage when wielding a single one-handed weapon and no other weapons. This bonus applies even when using a shield, effectively narrowing the damage gap between one-handed and two-handed weapons while maintaining a higher AC.

Halfling Fighter

Action Surge

At 2nd level, Fighters gain access to the Action Surge ability, a potent tool for seizing the initiative and turning the tide of battle. This feature allows Fighters to push beyond their normal limits, granting an additional action on their turn. Whether unleashing a flurry of attacks, casting a critical spell, or executing a crucial maneuver, Action Surge provides unparalleled flexibility and offensive capability. While it requires a short or long rest to recharge, its impact on combat is immense. Furthermore, at 17th level, Fighters unlock the ability to use Action Surge twice before requiring a rest, further amplifying their combat prowess.

Half-Orc Fighter

Extra Attack

As Fighters progress in level, their combat abilities continue to evolve, culminating in the Extra Attack feature. Beginning at 5th level, Fighters can make two attacks instead of one whenever they take the Attack action on their turn. This increase in offensive output significantly boosts their damage potential, allowing them to strike fear into the hearts of their adversaries. As they reach higher levels, Fighters gain even more attacks, increasing to three at 11th level and four at 20th level. This relentless barrage of strikes makes Fighters a force of reckoning on the battlefield, capable of overwhelming foes with sheer martial prowess.

Human Fighter


As seasoned warriors, Fighters possess an iron will that allows them to shrug off adversity and press onward in the face of danger. The Indomitable feature, acquired at 9th level, embodies this resilience by granting Fighters the ability to reroll a saving throw they fail. This second chance can be a lifesaver in dire situations, helping Fighters resist debilitating effects and maintain their presence on the battlefield. While limited in uses, with two rerolls available between long rests at 13th level and three at 17th level, Indomitable is a reliable defense against spells and abilities that threaten to incapacitate or hinder Fighters in combat.

The Fighter class offers a diverse array of class features that cater to various playstyles and tactical preferences. Whether specializing in a particular fighting style, unleashing devastating barrages of attacks, or shrugging off debilitating effects, Fighters excel in the art of combat. By judiciously selecting and utilizing their class features, Fighters can become unstoppable forces on the battlefield, carving a path of glory and conquest in Dungeons & Dragons.

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