Choice Fighter Backgrounds in D&D

The choice of a character’s background in Dungeons & Dragons plays a crucial role in shaping their identity, abilities, and interactions within the game world. Fighters, known for their martial prowess and combat expertise, have a range of backgrounds to choose from, each offering unique skills, proficiencies, and features that can enhance their role-playing experience and effectiveness in battle.

Soldier Fighter


For those with lives shaped by the rigors of warfare, the Soldier background is a natural fit. Whether you served in a standing national army, a mercenary company, or a local militia, your extensive training in weapons, armor, and survival techniques makes you a formidable combatant. With skill proficiencies in Athletics and Intimidation and tool proficiencies in gaming sets and land vehicles, you’re well-equipped for physical challenges and strategic maneuvering on the battlefield. The Military Rank feature grants you authority and influence among fellow soldiers, allowing you to requisition equipment, gain access to military encampments, and command respect from those of lower rank.

Cloistered Scholar Fighter

Cloistered Scholar

Fighters seeking to combine brawn with brains may find the Cloistered Scholar background appealing. Raised in the halls of knowledge, you spent your formative years immersed in the pursuit of wisdom and lore. Whether you hail from the esteemed halls of Candlekeep or other scholarly institutions, your expertise in history and a choice of Arcana, Nature, or Religion grants you insight into the mysteries of the multiverse. The Library Access feature grants you privileged access to vast knowledge repositories, while familiarity with scholarly bureaucracy allows you to navigate complex networks easily. Additionally, your status as a learned scholar earns you preferential treatment at libraries across the realms, facilitating your quest for knowledge.

Criminal Fighter


Fighters with a knack for stealth, deception, and street smarts may find a home in the Criminal underworld. Having honed your skills through a life of crime, you keenly understand society’s seedy underbelly. With proficiencies in Deception and Stealth, as well as tools like gaming sets and thieves’ tools, you excel in subterfuge and skullduggery. The Criminal Contact feature provides a reliable liaison to the criminal network, allowing you to exchange messages and leverage illicit connections to your advantage.

Outlander FIghter


The Outlander background offers a rugged adventure path for Fighters who thrive in the untamed wilderness. Raised far from civilization, you possess unparalleled survival instincts and an intimate knowledge of nature’s ways. Proficient in Athletics and Survival, you excel in navigating treacherous terrain and hunting for sustenance. The Wanderer feature grants you a remarkable memory for maps and geography and the ability to forage for food and water, ensuring your survival in the wilds.

Sage FIghter


Fighters seeking to combine martial prowess with scholarly pursuits may find the Sage background enticing. Having dedicated years to studying arcane secrets and historical lore, you possess a wealth of knowledge unmatched by many. Proficient in Arcana and History, you quickly unravel the mysteries of the multiverse. The Researcher feature aids you in uncovering hidden truths, guiding you to sources of rare knowledge and ancient wisdom.

Sailor Fighter


The Sailor background may draw Fighters who thirst for adventure on the high seas. Having spent years aboard seagoing vessels, you’ve braved storms, battled monsters, and explored distant shores. Proficient in Athletics and Perception, you’re at home above and below deck. The Ship’s Passage feature allows you to secure free passage aboard sailing ships, calling upon old comrades and favors to aid your travels.

Urchin Fighter


Fighters who rose from the streets and alleys of urban sprawls may find the Urchin background a fitting origin. Having survived through cunning and resourcefulness, you possess a keen understanding of the ebb and flow of city life. Proficient in Sleight of Hand and Stealth, as well as tools like disguise kits and thieves’ tools, you can easily navigate the urban jungle. The City Secrets feature provides knowledge of hidden passages and secret routes, allowing you to traverse cities with unmatched speed and stealth.

The choice of background for your Fighter character in Dungeons & Dragons can significantly influence their abilities, backstory, and role within the party. Whether you’re a seasoned soldier, a scholarly sage, a streetwise urchin, or a seasoned sailor, each background offers unique opportunities for role-playing and adventure.

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