Awful Species for an Artificer in D&D

Artificers are the ingenious inventors of magical gadgets and devices in Dungeons & Dragons. While many species can excel as artificers, some may not be the most natural fit for this innovative class. This article explores the ten worst species for an artificer, considering their abilities, thematic alignment, and storytelling challenges they might pose.

Orc Artificer

1 Orcs

Orcs‘ aggressive and tribal nature doesn’t align well with an artificer’s meticulous and intellectual pursuits. They tend to prioritize combat over invention, making emphasizing the artificer’s more cerebral aspects challenging. While some artificers might thrive on the challenge, most orcs would be better suited to other classes.

Bugbear Artificer

2 Bugbears

Bugbears‘ stealth and ambush-oriented abilities are at odds with the artificer’s tendency to tinker and craft magical items. Their emphasis on physical prowess and combat proficiency doesn’t lend itself to artifice’s more delicate and cerebral aspects. Bugbears might find artificer’s pursuits tedious and unexciting, preferring more direct methods to achieve their goals.

Goblin Artificer

3 Goblins

Goblins‘ chaotic and destructive tendencies often clash with the precision and order required for artificer inventions. They are more likely to blow things up than to craft magical devices carefully. Goblins’ reckless behavior can lead to dangerous accidents in the artificer’s workshop, making them less than ideal candidates for this class.

Half-Orc Artificer

4 Half-Orcs

While some half-orcs may possess the intelligence and curiosity necessary to become an artificer, they typically seek out more straightforward and martial classes. Their natural inclination towards combat and physical strength can overshadow their interest in crafting, making them less likely to embrace the artificer class fully.

Firbolg Artificer

5 Firbolgs

Firbolgs, deeply connected to nature and often seen as caretakers of the wilderness, may find the artificer’s mechanical and technological pursuits at odds with their naturalistic tendencies. Their focus on harmony with the land may not align well with the artificer’s drive to create gadgets and devices.

Tortle Artificer

6 Tortles

Tortles, known for their slow and systematic approach to life, may find the fast-paced and innovative world of artifice challenging. Their cultural values may prioritize simplicity and wisdom over the intricacies of mechanical invention, creating a thematic misalignment for artificers.

Triton Artificer

7 Tritons

Tritons‘ strong connection to the elemental planes and their role as guardians of the ocean depths may not lend themselves naturally to the artificer’s technological inclinations. Their deep-seated duty to protect underwater realms might conflict with the artificer’s curiosity and desire to experiment. Triton artificers could face challenges balancing their commitment to the sea with their passion for invention.

Duergar Artificer

8 Duergar

Duergar dwarves have a deeply ingrained culture focused on warfare and survival in the harsh conditions of the Underdark. This warrior mindset doesn’t align with the artificer’s more cerebral and inventive approach to problems. Duergar are more likely to be found crafting weapons and armor than magical gadgets.

Yuan-Ti Artificer

9 Yuan-Ti

Yuan-Ti’s enigmatic and secretive society greatly emphasizes their serpent gods and their goals. This focus doesn’t readily accommodate the artificer’s propensity for invention and exploration. The artificer’s desire to share knowledge and create magical wonders might clash with the yuan-ti’s secrecy and devotion to their deities.

Goliath Artificer

10 Goliaths

Goliaths are rugged and hardy, often living in mountainous regions and challenging environments. Their physical prowess and emphasis on survival may overshadow any interest in the artificer’s more intellectual pursuits. While some goliaths may find invention interesting, it’s not a natural fit for the race.

In Dungeons & Dragons, the best artificers often have a curious and inventive nature and an affinity for learning and experimentation. These ten species may find the path of the artificer challenging due to their cultural or natural inclinations. While some exceptions may exist, most members of these species would face an uphill battle embracing the intricacies of invention.

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