Miserable Species for a Monk in D&D

Monks are the disciplined martial artists of Dungeons & Dragons, mastering ancient techniques and embodying principles of self-control and enlightenment. The monk’s path is physical and spiritual growth, which may not always align with certain racial traits and tendencies. This article explores the ten worst species for a monk, considering their racial characteristics and cultural backgrounds that might not harmonize with the monk’s disciplined way of life.

Goblin Monk

1 Goblin

Goblins are known for their chaotic and sometimes unpredictable behavior, which contradicts the monk’s disciplined and focused approach. Their small size and often cowardly nature also conflict with the bravery and martial prowess associated with monks.

Orc Monk

2 Orc

Orcs‘ love for battle and physical strength doesn’t fit well with the monk’s inner peace and self-improvement philosophy. The monk’s emphasis on avoiding conflict whenever possible contrasts with many orcish societies’ inherently aggressive and warlike nature.

Kobold Monk

3 Kobold

Kobolds‘ diminutive stature and lack of physical strength pose significant challenges for aspiring monks. Their reputation for being timid and occasionally cowardly may hinder the courage and fearlessness often expected from monk characters.

Leonin Monk

4 Leonin

Leonin, known for their feline grace and pride, might face difficulties fully embracing the monk’s disciplined way of life. Their strong pride and individualism may not always align with the monk’s emphasis on humility and self-control.

Aasimar Monk

5 Aasimar

Aasimar, with their celestial heritage and divine qualities, often walk paths of righteousness and light. Their connection to holy forces may clash with the monk’s more neutral and self-focused philosophies. Players seeking to create an Aasimar monk should explore unique narratives that harmonize these distinct aspects of their character.

Giff Monk

6 Giff

Monks embody the principles of discipline, self-control, and martial arts mastery, whereas Giffs are fun-toting hulks known for their straightforward, combat-oriented approach. Their large, armored bodies and affinity for firearms directly clash with the monk’s pursuit of inner balance and physical finesse. Attempting to mold a Giff into a Monk would be akin to teaching a cannon to dance.

Locathah Monk

7 Locathah

Locathah’s aquatic anatomy and environment would severely hinder their ability to perform the precise physical maneuvers and graceful techniques typically associated with the monk class. Creating a Locathah Monk would be like asking a fish to climb a tree. While Locathahs may excel in their underwater world, the monk’s discipline and self-improvement philosophy are apart from their natural tendencies.

Grung Monk

8 Grung

The grung’s amphibious nature and toxicity might not harmonize well with the monk’s focus on harmony and spiritual growth. Their poisonous skin and aggressive tendencies contradict the philosophy of nonviolence and peacefulness often embraced by monks.

Kender Monk

9 Kender

Kender’s childlike and curious nature can make it challenging for them to embody the stoicism and wisdom expected of a monk fully. Their tendency to wander and pilfer can conflict with the monk’s commitment to a monastic lifestyle and inner balance.

Githzerai Monk

10 Githzerai

Githzerai’s connection to the plane of Limbo and their focus on psychic abilities may not align with the monk’s traditional martial arts and philosophies. Their complex and sometimes rigid societal structures can also challenge a class that values simplicity and serenity.

While the monk class embodies principles of discipline, self-control, and inner growth, not all species are equally well-suited to walk this path. Compatibility with a species and the monk class isn’t solely based on physical attributes but also cultural and mental traits. Players aiming to create monk characters should consider species that align with the class’s values and philosophies, enabling them to fully embrace the path of martial arts and spiritual enlightenment in Dungeons & Dragons.

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