Prized Species for a Paladin in D&D

Paladins, the holy warriors of Dungeons & Dragons, are divine champions who serve as beacons of virtue and justice. This article unveils the ten best species for a paladin, examining their attributes, racial features, and how they harmonize with the sacred oath of these noble warriors.

Dragonborn Paladin

1 Dragonborn

Dragonborn paladins, with their Draconic ancestry, embody strength and the ideals of nobility. Their bonus to Strength and the “Breath Weapon” feature adds a touch of dragonfire to their martial prowess. Role-playing a Dragonborn paladin allows you to explore the balance between draconic power and their sacred oath.

Half-Elf Paladin

2 Half-Elf

Half-Elf paladins are charismatic and versatile champions. Their racial flexibility in attribute bonuses allows them to excel in various Paladin abilities. The “Diplomacy” and “Fey Ancestry” features of Half-Elves are a testament to their adaptability and noble heritage. Role-playing a Half-Elf paladin lets you delve into their unique place in two worlds, blending human and elven aspects.

Zariel Tiefling Paladin

3 Zariel Tiefling

Zariel Tiefling paladins, with their infernal heritage, combine strength and the influence of their fiendish lineage. Their bonus to Strength and “Legacy of Avernus” feature makes them formidable and charismatic champions. Zariel Tiefling paladins are often warriors who fight for redemption or serve as divine conduits of infernal energy. Role-playing a Zariel Tiefling paladin lets you explore a character’s internal struggle with diabolical blood, striving to be a force of good.

Protector Aasimar Paladin

4 Protector Aasimar

Celestial forces touch Protector Aasimar paladins and possess a radiant aura. Their Wisdom bonus and the “Radiant Soul” feature enhance their divine spellcasting and damage output. Protector Aasimar paladins often embrace their celestial lineage and serve as radiant protectors of the innocent. Role-playing a Protector Aasimar paladin invites you to explore the luminous nature of your character and their divine mission.

Hill Dwarf Paladin

5 Hill Dwarf

Hill Dwarf paladins are sturdy and unyielding champions. Their Constitution bonus and “Dwarven Toughness” feature enhance their resilience and hit points. Hill Dwarf paladins often embody the steadfast nature of dwarves and their oath to protect the realm. Role-playing a Hill Dwarf paladin allows you to delve into your character’s disciplined and indomitable spirit.

Mark of Sentinel Halfling Paladin

6 Mark of Sentinel Halfling

Mark of Sentinel Halfling paladins are vigilant and resourceful protectors. Their Wisdom bonus and the “Sentinel’s Intuition” feature grant them enhanced awareness and a keen sense of danger. Mark of Sentinel Halfling paladins often serve as guardians and defenders, utilizing their agile and perceptive nature to protect their allies. Role-playing a Mark of Sentinel Halfling paladin lets you explore your character’s duty as a watchful and quick-thinking champion.

Goliath Paladin

7 Goliath

Goliath paladins are powerful and relentless warriors. Their bonus to Strength and “Stone’s Endurance” feature makes them stalwart and skilled in combat. Goliath paladins often channel their inner strength and serve as formidable protectors of the natural world. Role-playing a Goliath paladin invites you to embrace your character’s strength and determination.

Warforged Paladin

8 Warforged

Warforged paladins may seem unorthodox, but their resilience and adaptability make them exceptional champions. Their Constitution bonus and “Living Construct” traits enhance their durability and fortitude. Warforged paladins often explore the fusion of machinery and divine power, creating unique characters with an unconventional backstory. Role-playing a Warforged paladin allows you to embody the concept of a sentient machine wielding the might of the divine.

Orc Paladin

9 Orc

Orc paladins, with their innate strength and ferocity, are fierce and unyielding in battle. Their bonus to Strength and “Aggressive” features make them formidable front-line warriors. Orc paladins often serve as champions of primal forces and seek to bring order to their people. Role-playing an Orc paladin lets you explore the duality of a character who blends strength and nobility to pursue justice.

Tortle Paladin

10 Tortle

Tortle paladins, humanoid turtles, have a natural tie to the earth, making them unique and thematic champions. Their Wisdom bonus aids their divine spellcasting, and their impressive “Natural Armor” lets them eschew conventional armor. Tortle paladins are the perfect species for holy warriors focused on resilience and protection, emphasizing their affinity with earth and sea.

Paladins are unwavering champions who embody the ideals of justice and righteousness. The choice of species for your paladin character can influence their background, role, and the sacred oath they swear. These ten species offer diverse and intriguing options for aspiring paladins, from Dragonborn with their dragonfire to Tortles in tune with nature. When selecting the best species for your paladin character, consider the narrative you wish to tell, the code of conduct you want to uphold, and the adventures you plan to embark on as a beacon of light in Dungeons & Dragons.

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