Perfect Paladin Spells in D&D

In the mystical realm of Dungeons & Dragons, few figures embody unwavering devotion and righteous valor as paladins do. Resplendent in gleaming armor, they are the brave defenders who blend martial might with divine magic. This article sheds light on the divine arsenal at their command by exploring the ten best paladin spells that empower their noble pursuit of justice. As these holy warriors stride into the crucible of conflict, the divine aura of their spells surrounds them, marking them as champions chosen to stand against the forces of darkness and deliver divine retribution to those who threaten the balance of the world.

Paladin Casting Searing Smite

1 Searing Smite

1st-Level Evocation. Available at Level 2.

This spell bestows the power to engulf their weapon in purifying flames, enabling Paladins to deliver fiery retribution to their adversaries. Beyond its damage-dealing capabilities, Searing Smite is a powerful tool for incapacitating or discouraging foes, further amplifying a Paladin’s role as a formidable combatant. This spell exemplifies Paladins’ righteous enthusiasm and dedication as they harness the essence of divine fire to strike down evil and injustice in the name of their chosen deities.

Paladin Casting Bless

2 Bless

1st-Level Enchantment. Available at Level 2.

A boon to their allies, Bless is the paladin’s gift of empowerment. With a d4 to attack rolls and saving throws, it elevates the combat capabilities of the entire party. This spell isn’t just a testament to their strength but underscores the essence of a paladin’s sworn duty to protect. The radiant aura of Bless inspires comrades, reinforcing the paladin’s role as a symbol of unwavering faith and solidarity in the face of adversity. It is a divine beacon, ensuring that light and hope prevail even in the darkest times.

Paladin Casting Shield of Faith

3 Shield of Faith

1st-Level Abjuration. Available at Level 2.

Shield of Faith forms an unyielding bastion around a paladin or their companions, raising their Armor Class. A formidable protection against the storm of battle, it reflects a paladin’s resolve to ensure the safety of those they stand beside. The spell radiates an aura of invincibility, symbolizing the unwavering commitment of paladins to stand as guardians and protectors. With Shield of Faith, they boldly declare that they are the unyielding bulwark that shields the innocent and upholds justice in a chaotic world.

Paladin Casting Find Steed

4 Find Steed

2nd-Level Conjuration. Available at Level 5.

More than a mere spell, Find Steed forges a divine connection between paladins and celestial companions. These loyal allies come to their aid in combat and exploration, embodying the sacred bond at the heart of the paladin’s beliefs. The bond between a paladin and their celestial steed goes beyond mere magical conjuration; it reflects their faith and devotion. The celestial steed symbolizes their divine mandate, carrying them with unwavering loyalty into the heart of danger. Together, they represent the living embodiment of the paladin’s sacred oaths and a force of good in a world threatened by darkness.

Paladin Casting Aura of Vitality

5 Aura of Vitality

3rd-Level Evocation. Available at Level 9.

In the form of Aura of Vitality, paladins wield a radiant wellspring of healing, ensuring that hit points restore consistently, promoting endurance and resilience. This spell embodies the paladin’s role as a beacon of hope and rejuvenation. Its radiant energies not only mend wounds but also serve as a source of inspiration and fortitude, demonstrating the paladin’s capacity to rekindle the spirits of their comrades. With the Aura of Vitality, the paladin symbolizes unwavering support and a testament to their divine calling.

Paladin Casting Aura of Life

6 Aura of Life

4th-Level Abjuration. Available at Level 13.

Aura of Life is a testament to the indomitable spirit of paladins. It creates a protective zone where allies gain resistance to necrotic damage and the power to revive fallen comrades, demonstrating a paladin’s commitment to preserving life even in the face of death’s shadow. This protective aura manifests the paladin’s divine purpose, a radiant sanctuary that repels the forces of darkness and rekindles life’s flickering flame. As paladins invoke the Aura of Life, they stand unwavering in the face of adversity, embodying the sacred duty of guardianship over the sanctity of existence.

Paladin Casting Banishing Smite

7 Banishing Smite

5th-Level Abjuration. Available at Level 17.

Banishing Smite’s celestial wrath is a beacon of retribution against the unholy and evil. By casting this spell, paladins pronounce judgment upon their foes, vanquishing them temporarily and serving as a relentless force against evil. This divine banishment adds an extra layer of righteous fury to a paladin’s smite, leaving no room for the wicked to stand unchallenged on the battlefield.

Paladin Casting Holy Weapon

8 Holy Weapon

5th-Level Conjuration. Available at Level 17.

A weapon transformed by Holy Weapon embodies the paladin’s unwavering faith and devotion. It radiates an aura of divine energy, illuminating the path to righteousness on the battlefield. As the chosen weapon strikes, it delivers justice with each blow, leaving a brilliant trail of retribution in its wake, bearing testament to the paladin’s sacred calling.

Paladin Casting Circle of Power

9 Circle of Power

5th-Level Evocation. Abjuration at Level 17.

With Circle of Power, the paladin stands as an unyielding bastion against the forces of the arcane, reinforcing their role as defenders of righteousness. It is a testament to the sacred duty they uphold, protecting their comrades from the nefarious incantations of their enemies. This spell symbolizes the indomitable spirit of the paladin, unwavering in the face of mystical adversities and relentless in their pursuit of justice.

Paladin Casting Summon Celestial

10 Summon Celestial

5th-Level Conjuration. Available at Level 17.

As a testament to the depth of a paladin’s commitment to their deity, Summon Celestial is the ultimate manifestation of their divine favor. It calls upon a celestial champion, an emblem of their sacred bond and shared purpose. The celestial ally’s presence on the battlefield reinforces the paladin’s unwavering dedication to justice and righteousness.

In the intricate realm of Dungeons & Dragons, the indomitable spirit of paladins shines bright. These ten spells, drawn from the divine arsenal of the paladin, encapsulate their multi-faceted role as healers, protectors, and champions of justice. Armed with powers bestowed by their deities, paladins illuminate the path of righteousness for their comrades and stand as formidable adversaries to any evil that dares obstruct their noble quest. As the paladins unleash the might of these sacred spells, they become beacons of hope on the battlefield, embodying the unwavering resolve of those who dedicate themselves to the highest ideals of honor and virtue.

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