Amazing Wizard Backgrounds in D&D

In the vast and intricate world of Dungeons & Dragons, your character’s background plays a pivotal role in shaping their identity, motivations, and capabilities. When creating a wizard character, you’ll have the opportunity to select a background. This choice can enhance roleplaying opportunities and in-game mechanics. To choose a background, consider your character’s backstory, personality, and the type of gameplay you enjoy. Each background offers unique benefits and roleplaying opportunities.

Cloistered Scholar Wizard

Cloistered Scholar

This background embodies the pursuit of knowledge as a lifelong journey. As a Cloistered Scholar, player characters grow up in an environment that reveres learning above all else. Whether you hail from the renowned Candlekeep, the scholarly Vault of the Sages, or another bastion of wisdom, your thirst for knowledge propels you beyond the confines of your home. Proficient in History and an additional skill of your choice (Arcana, Nature, or Religion), you bring a wealth of academic expertise to your adventuring party. The Library Access feature grants you unparalleled access to vast repositories of lore, facilitating your research endeavors and fostering professional connections with fellow scholars across the Realms.

Sage Wizard


A Sage is a master of esoteric knowledge, having dedicated years to studying arcane secrets and cosmic phenomena. With proficiencies in Arcana and History, you unravel the mysteries of magic and the tapestry of history. Your innate ability as a Researcher enables you to navigate the labyrinthine depths of libraries, scriptoria, and the minds of other learned individuals in pursuit of elusive truths. Whether you seek to uncover ancient civilizations’ lost lore or decipher the cosmos’ enigmatic workings, your thirst for knowledge drives you onward.

Acolyte Wizard


While not exclusively tied to divine magic, the Acolyte background offers unique roleplaying opportunities for wizards with a religious inclination. As a devout servant of a deity or pantheon, you perform sacred rites as a conduit between mortals and the divine. Proficient in Insight and Religion, you deeply understand religious practices and beliefs. The Shelter of the Faithful feature provides you and your companions with sanctuary and support within temples of your faith, reflecting the reverence and respect accorded to your religious calling.

Hermit Wizard


The Hermit background offers a compelling narrative foundation for wizards who have retreated from society to pursue solitary contemplation and study. Whether dwelling in a secluded monastery or wandering alone in the wilderness, you have made profound discoveries during solitude. Proficient in Medicine and Religion, you possess the skills necessary for both physical and spiritual healing. The Discovery feature, a culmination of your secluded introspection, grants you insight into profound truths or uncovers long-forgotten secrets with far-reaching implications, painting a vivid picture of your character’s journey.

The choice of background for your wizard character in Dungeons & Dragons is a crucial decision that can enrich your gameplay experience and deepen your immersion in the fantastical world of adventure and magic. Whether you emerge from the hallowed halls of academia, the sanctified thresholds of a temple, or the solitary confines of a hermitage, your character’s background shapes their identity. It influences their journey through the realms of mystery and wonder. Choose wisely, for the path to enlightenment is as diverse as the multiverse itself.

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