Noteworthy Rogue Class Features in D&D

Rogues, the agile and cunning adventurers of Dungeons & Dragons, thrive in the shadows and excel in deception and precision strikes. Among their arsenal of abilities, several class features stand out as essential tools for any Rogue seeking to maximize their effectiveness in stealthy infiltration and deadly combat.

Rogue with Expertise


At the heart of the Rogue’s skill set lies Expertise, a feature that elevates their mastery of skills to unparalleled heights. Starting at 1st level, Rogues choose two skill proficiencies or one proficiency along with thieves’ tools, doubling their proficiency bonus for related ability checks. This benefit expands at 6th level, allowing Rogues to enhance two additional proficiencies. The versatility of Expertise enables Rogues to tailor their skills to fit the demands of their adventures, whether it involves stealthy reconnaissance, agile acrobatics, or intricate lockpicking.

Rogue Using Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack

A cornerstone of the Rogue’s combat prowess, Sneak Attack ensures that each precision strike delivers devastating damage to their foes. Beginning at 1st level, Rogues can add extra damage to attacks once per turn under specific conditions: advantage on the attack roll or an adjacent ally to the target. This additional damage scales with Rogue levels, becoming increasingly potent as their expertise grows. Sneak Attack rewards strategic positioning and teamwork and serves as the primary source of damage for Rogues across various combat scenarios.

Rogue Using Cunning Action

Cunning Action

The hallmark of the Rogue’s agility and resourcefulness, Cunning Action provides unparalleled mobility and tactical options in combat. Starting at 2nd level, Rogues can take a bonus action on each turn to Dash, Disengage, or Hide, enabling them to maneuver swiftly and evade danger easily. Whether closing the distance to deliver a Sneak Attack or slipping away from a dire threat, Cunning Action empowers Rogues to dictate the flow of battle and capitalize on fleeting opportunities.

Rogue Using Uncanny Dodge

Uncanny Dodge

Uncanny Dodge grants Rogues a crucial defensive measure to mitigate incoming attacks in the face of imminent danger. Upon reaching 5th level, Rogues can use their reaction to halve the damage from an attacker they can see, reducing the impact of potentially devastating blows. This feature enhances the Rogue’s survivability and reinforces their role as elusive and resilient combatants capable of turning the tide of battle through calculated defenses.

Rogue Using Evasion


This feature elevates the Rogue’s evasion to new heights, enabling them to evade area effects with unmatched agility. Unveiled at 7th level, Evasion allows Rogues to deftly sidestep spells and environmental hazards that require Dexterity saving throws, taking no damage on a success and half damage on a failure. Combined with Uncanny Dodge, Evasion solidifies the Rogue’s reputation as a slippery adversary capable of evading even the deadliest attacks.

Rogue with Reliable Talent

Reliable Talent

True to its name, Reliable Talent elevates the Rogue’s skill checks to unparalleled consistency and expertise. Upon reaching 11th level, Rogues can treat any d20 roll of 9 or lower on ability checks with proficiency as a flat 10, ensuring reliable success in their chosen areas of expertise. This feature rewards investment in skills through Expertise and incentivizes Rogues to pursue perfection in their craft.

Rogue Using Blindsense


At 14th level, Rogues gain the invaluable ability to sense hidden and invisible foes within a 10-foot radius, granting them a tactical advantage in detecting elusive adversaries. Blindsense enhances the Rogue’s awareness and effectively neutralizes threats that rely on stealth and invisibility, further solidifying their role as masters of detection and deception.

Elusive Rogue


The pinnacle of the Rogue’s evasive prowess, Elusive ensures that no adversary gains a significant advantage against them in combat. This 18th-level feature denies attackers any advantage on attack rolls against the Rogue while they remain conscious and agile. Combined with Uncanny Dodge and Evasion, Elusive cements the Rogue’s reputation as an untouchable, resilient combatant capable of outmaneuvering even the most determined foes.

Rogue Using Stroke of Luck

Stroke of Luck

As the Rogue reaches the pinnacle of their abilities at 20th level, Stroke of Luck serves as the ultimate trump card in dire situations. With this feature, Rogues can turn a missed attack into a hit or transform a failed ability check into a critical success once per short or long rest. Stroke of Luck epitomizes the Rogue’s knack for seizing opportunity and overcoming adversity, ensuring their continued dominance on the battlefield.

The Rogue class features in Dungeons & Dragons offer a rich tapestry of abilities emphasizing versatility, precision, and cunning. From the stealthy finesse of Expertise and Sneak Attack to the unparalleled mobility of Cunning Action and the defensive prowess of Uncanny Dodge and Evasion, Rogues excel in subtle manipulation and decisive combat. With each feature synergizing to form a cohesive and formidable toolkit, the Rogue stands as a master of shadows, capable of infiltrating the most secure strongholds and striking with deadly precision when the moment is right.

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