Celebrated Paladin Class Features in D&D

In Dungeons & Dragons, few classes embody the righteous fury and unwavering devotion to their cause, like the Paladin. Wielding divine power granted by their oath, Paladins serve as stalwart defenders of justice and champions of their faith. Among their abilities, several class features are quintessential for an aspiring Paladin.

Paladin Using Lay On Hands

Lay On Hands

The invaluable ability to Lay On Hands is at the heart of a Paladin’s arsenal. This feature grants Paladins unparalleled healing prowess, allowing them to mend wounds and purify ailments with a touch imbued with holy energy. With a pool of healing power replenished after a rest, Paladins can restore a substantial amount of hit points equal to their Paladin level multiplied by five. Moreover, they can expend this power to cure diseases or neutralize poisons, offering vital support in dire situations. Though ineffective against undead and constructs, Lay On Hands remains a cornerstone of a Paladin’s compassionate strength, providing recovery and salvation to their allies.

Paladin Using Their Fighting Style

Fighting Style

A Paladin’s chosen fighting style often reflects their preferred combat approach, shaping their battlefield tactics. The Dueling style stands out among the options available, enabling Paladins to bolster their defenses even while wielding a shield. This precise and skillful style narrows the damage gap between different weapon choices, emphasizing the Paladin’s versatility in close-quarters combat.

Paladin Using Their Extra Attack

Extra Attack

As Paladins ascend in power, the Extra Attack feature becomes a pivotal asset, granting them the ability to strike twice in a single Attack action. This surge in offensive capability amplifies their damage output, allowing them to stand toe-to-toe with formidable adversaries. Although reliant on Divine Smite to match the sheer ferocity of Barbarians and Fighters, the Extra Attack feature solidifies the Paladin’s role as a relentless force on the battlefield.

Paladin Using Aura of Protection

Aura of Protection

The Aura of Protection embodies the Paladin’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding their allies against evil forces. Once at 6th level, paladins can use this feature to extend a protective aura within a 10-foot radius, granting a bonus to saving throws equal to the Paladin’s Charisma modifier. With the potential to substantially bolster saving throws, the Aura of Protection is a bulwark against spells, traps, and other supernatural threats, reinforcing the Paladin’s role as a beacon of resilience and hope.

Paladin Using Improved Divine Smite

Improved Divine Smite

As Paladins reach the pinnacle of their divine prowess, the Improved Divine Smite feature elevates their melee strikes to new heights of righteous potency. Each melee weapon strike becomes infused with radiant energy, dealing additional radiant damage and delivering divine retribution upon their foes. This augmentation of their martial prowess ensures that every blow strikes with the force of divine judgment, sundering the darkness and illuminating the path to victory.

Paladin Using Cleansing Touch

Cleansing Touch

At 14th level, Paladins gain access to the Cleansing Touch feature, a potent ability that enables them to dispel magical effects with a touch. Whether breaking free from enchantments or dispelling harmful spells, this feature grants Paladins unparalleled control over the battlefield, cleansing their allies of afflictions and dispelling the machinations of their adversaries.

The Paladin’s class features offer diverse options, each contributing to their prowess as champions of righteousness and defenders of the innocent. From the compassionate healing of Lay On Hands to the devastating smite of divine power, Paladins embody the unwavering resolve and indomitable spirit necessary to triumph over the forces of darkness. With mastery over these class features, Paladins are paragons of virtue and exemplars of divine justice in the ever-expanding world of Dungeons & Dragons.

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