Perfect Cleric Multiclass Options in D&D

In Dungeons & Dragons, players often seek to diversify their characters through multiclassing, blending the strengths of different classes to create unique and powerful combinations. For Clerics, who wield divine magic and serve as the conduit between mortals and the divine, the decision to multiclass can significantly alter their playstyle and capabilities on the battlefield.

Cleric-Druid Multiclass

Multiclassing with Druid

The affinity between Clerics and Druids lies in their shared Wisdom-based spellcasting. Incorporating a few levels of Druid into your Cleric build offers access to low-level class features and spells such as Shillelagh and Faerie Fire, enhancing your versatility in combat and utility outside of it. With Shillelagh, for example, a Cleric can transform a simple wooden staff into a potent melee weapon, scaling its damage with their Wisdom modifier. Furthermore, Faerie Fire provides invaluable battlefield control, illuminating invisible foes and granting advantage on attacks against them. However, while this synergy enriches your spellcasting repertoire, the Druid’s prohibition on metal armor may pose a challenge, potentially limiting your defensive options. Spells like Barkskin may mitigate this limitation, temporarily bolstering your AC without relying on metallic protection.

Cleric-Fighter Multiclass

Multiclassing with Fighter

A brief foray into the martial prowess of the Fighter class can complement a Cleric’s divine abilities in various ways. The acquisition of Fighting Style grants valuable bonuses to combat effectiveness, offering options such as Defense for increased survivability or Dueling for enhanced damage output with a one-handed weapon. Second Wind provides a reliable means of self-healing without depleting precious spell slots, allowing Clerics to endure prolonged battles with greater resilience. Moreover, the coveted Action Surge feature presents tantalizing possibilities, enabling casting two spells in a single turn or combining spellcasting with weapon attacks for devastating effect. It’s worth noting the intricacies of spellcasting limitations, particularly regarding bonus action spells and the subsequent casting of cantrips, to maximize the utility of Action Surge effectively.

Cleric-Monk Multiclass

Multiclassing with Monk

The Monk’s emphasis on agility and unarmed combat offers an intriguing synergy for Clerics, particularly those reliant on high Wisdom scores. Utilizing Unarmored Defense, a Cleric can achieve formidable defenses akin to wearing half-plate armor, provided they possess sufficient Wisdom. This defensive buff allows Clerics to focus on enhancing their Wisdom stat rather than investing in heavy armor proficiency, freeing up resources for other abilities. The Monk’s Martial Arts feature also grants bonus unarmed strikes, which synergize well with a Cleric’s spellcasting, offering versatile options for melee combat and spellcasting in close quarters. However, this synergy comes with a caveat: Unarmored Defense precludes shields, necessitating a substantial investment in Dexterity to maintain AC comparable to traditional shield-based Cleric builds. Still, the potential for increased mobility and flexibility in combat may outweigh the drawbacks for certain Clerics.

Cleric-Wizard Multiclass

Multiclassing with Wizard

While Clerics and Wizards both wield potent magic, choosing to multiclass between these primary caster classes demands careful consideration. While the allure of accessing a broader array of spells from both classes is undeniable, the delay in acquiring higher-level spells can hinder your progression as a primary caster. Balancing the immediate benefits of expanded spellcasting with the long-term investment required to reach higher levels of magical mastery is essential when considering a Cleric-Wizard multiclass. Additionally, multiclassing into Wizard offers unique benefits like the Arcane Tradition feature, which provides specialized spellcasting abilities based on the chosen school of magic. For example, a Cleric multiclassing into the School of Evocation can enhance their offensive capabilities with features like Sculpt Spells, allowing them to protect allies from the harmful effects of their evocation magic. However, weighing the trade-offs of delayed high-level spell access against the versatility gained from wizardly magic is crucial.

In Dungeons & Dragons, multiclassing opens avenues for unparalleled customization and versatility, allowing players to craft characters that embody a fusion of disparate abilities and talents. For Clerics, the decision to multiclass presents a tempting array of options, each offering unique advantages and challenges. Whether bolstering their spellcasting with the mystic arts of the Druid or honing their combat prowess through the disciplined techniques of the Monk, the path to multiclassing holds boundless potential for Clerics seeking to transcend the confines of traditional divine magic.

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