Superior Cleric Backgrounds in D&D

In the vast and immersive world of Dungeons & Dragons, character creation is an essential step that sets the stage for thrilling adventures. One crucial aspect of this process is selecting a background that complements your character’s class and adds depth to their backstory. For Clerics, who serve as conduits between the mortal realm and the divine, several backgrounds offer intriguing role-playing opportunities and mechanical benefits.

Acolyte Cleric


The Acolyte background is the quintessential choice for aspiring clerics, offering a solid foundation deeply rooted in religious service. As an acolyte, you have dedicated your life to a specific deity or pantheon as a liaison between mortals and the divine. Proficient in Insight and Religion, you profoundly understand your faith and its rituals. This background grants access to the Shelter of the Faithful feature, ensuring support from fellow worshippers and providing sanctuary in temples. Such ties offer invaluable aid on your adventures, including free healing and assistance from priests, emphasizing the community aspect of your religious affiliation.

Faction Agent Cleric

Faction Agent

The Faction Agent background offers an enticing alternative for clerics with a penchant for intrigue and broader horizons. As a member of a clandestine organization, you operate beyond traditional boundaries, pursuing your faction’s goals while navigating the complexities of Faerûn. With skills in Insight and an additional skill relevant to your faction, you excel in deciphering motives and uncovering secrets. The Safe Haven feature provides access to a network of supporters and hidden resources, facilitating your endeavors as an adventurer. Whether openly serving your faction or maintaining a covert allegiance, your affiliation adds depth to your character’s narrative.

Hermit Cleric


Those who seek solitude and introspection may find resonance in the Hermit background, shaping their journey with solitary contemplation. Whether secluded in a monastery or isolated, your time apart from society has yielded profound insights and discoveries. Proficient in Medicine and Religion, you possess knowledge honed through introspective study and communion with higher powers. The Discovery feature represents a profound revelation attained during your hermitage, offering a unique boon or revelation that fuels your return to society. Such revelations could range from cosmic truths to forgotten relics, shaping your path as a cleric.

Far Traveler Cleric

Far Traveler

The Far Traveler background evokes a sense of mystique and wonder for clerics from distant lands and exotic cultures. Familiar with foreign customs and languages, you navigate the intricacies of Faerûn with a unique perspective. Proficient in Insight and Perception, you keenly observe the world around you, while your distinctiveness draws curiosity and interest from those you encounter. The All Eyes on You feature highlights your foreign origins, granting access to influential individuals intrigued by tales of distant lands. As a cultural emissary, you bridge the gap between disparate worlds, enriching your adventures with diversity and exploration.

Guild Artisan Cleric

Guild Artisan

While less conventional, the Guild Artisan background offers clerics a pragmatic connection to the mercantile world and artisanal craftsmanship. Skilled in Insight and Persuasion, you navigate the intricate webs of commerce and negotiation with finesse. As a respected member of an artisan’s guild, you enjoy tangible benefits such as lodging, support in legal matters, and access to influential figures. Your affiliation with the guild adds a dimension of social standing and economic stability to your character, intertwining faith with worldly pursuits.

The best background for a cleric in Dungeons & Dragons ultimately depends on the character’s personality, goals, and narrative aspirations. Whether bound by religious duty, entangled in political intrigue, or guided by solitary contemplation, each background offers a distinct lens through which to view the cleric’s journey. By selecting a background that resonates with your character’s essence, you enrich the storytelling experience and embark on adventures brimming with depth and authenticity.

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