Best Bard Multiclass Options in D&D

In Dungeons & Dragons, the Bard stands out as a versatile class known for its mastery of music, magic, and storytelling. However, even the most skilled Bard may find themselves drawn to the allure of multiclassing, seeking to diversify their abilities and enhance their versatility. Multiclassing allows Bards to delve into other classes, unlocking new powers, skills, and narrative possibilities that complement their bardic talents. Whether driven by a desire for combat prowess, utility, or role-playing depth, multiclassing opens opportunities for Bards eager to expand their horizons and embark on new adventures.

Multiclassing with Rogue

A dip into the Rogue class proves invaluable for the Bard seeking unparalleled skill versatility. By investing just one level, Bards gain access to proficiency in thieves’ tools and Expertise in two skills of their choice. This additional layer of skill enhances a Bard’s role as a party’s face and allows them to excel in tasks requiring stealth, sleight of hand, or cunning. Whether picking locks, disarming traps, or slipping past guards unnoticed, the Rogue multiclass empowers Bards to navigate complex challenges with finesse and flair. Furthermore, the ability to choose two skills for Expertise grants Bards an exceptional edge in areas where their knowledge is most needed, whether in social interactions, exploration, or espionage.

Multiclassing with Warlock

Delving into the mysteries of the Warlock class can grant Bards unexpected combat prowess and utility. A single level in Hexblade Warlock provides medium armor proficiency, shield proficiency, and the ability to wield weapons using Charisma, reducing the reliance on Dexterity. These buffs enhance a Bard’s survivability in combat and open new avenues for character customization and role-playing. Furthermore, Warlock patrons offer intriguing narrative hooks and opportunities for character development, as Bards may find themselves entangled in pacts with otherworldly entities or drawn into conflicts that transcend mortal realms. Additionally, the Warlock’s Pact Magic system provides Bards with additional spell slots, augmenting their spellcasting capabilities and ensuring they remain a formidable force on the battlefield.

Multiclassing with Fighter

Indecisive Bards torn between the paths of Lore and Valor may find solace in a brief detour into the Fighter class. By taking a level in Fighter, Lore Bards can access all the proficiencies the Valor Bard subclass granted, including a Fighting Style of their choice. This addition balances combat prowess and skill versatility, allowing Bards to excel in both aspects of adventuring. Furthermore, the Fighter multiclass provides Bards access to a broader range of weapons and armor, enhancing their combat flexibility and survivability. Whether wielding a rapier with finesse or donning heavy armor to weather the storm of battle, Bards can tailor their abilities to suit the needs of any situation, ensuring they remain adaptable and practical in the face of adversity.

Multiclassing with Paladin

While slightly less common, a multiclass into Paladin can bestow Bards with potent divine abilities and smiting prowess. Opting for one level of Paladin provides access to 1st-level Paladin spells, including formidable attack spells and the iconic Divine Smite ability. Though it may pale slightly compared to the Fighter for single-level dips, two levels in Paladin can offer Bards a unique blend of martial prowess and divine magic, allowing them to channel the power of righteousness and justice in their endeavors. Whether smiting foes with righteous fury or invoking the blessings of their chosen deity, Bards can infuse their performances with divine energy, inspiring allies and striking fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Multiclassing with Sorcerer

A Sorcerer multiclass presents a compelling option for Bards seeking magical synergy without spreading their abilities too thin. Much like the Wizard, Sorcerers are Charisma-based spellcasters, eliminating the need for investment in Intelligence. While access to high-level spells may remain limited, Bards can circumvent issues of being multiple ability score dependent and focus on honing their Charisma-based abilities to their fullest potential. The Sorcerer multiclass also offers Bards access to Metamagic options, allowing them to manipulate their spells in unique and powerful ways. Whether extending the duration of their enchantments, twinning their buffs to affect multiple allies, or subtly altering the fabric of reality with nuanced spells, Bards can enhance their spellcasting versatility and adaptability, ensuring they remain a dynamic force on the battlefield and beyond.

The decision to multiclass as a Bard in Dungeons & Dragons is profoundly personal, influenced by individual playstyles, party dynamics, and thematic preferences. Whether delving into the shadows as a Rogue, forging pacts with otherworldly beings as a Warlock, or channeling divine power as a Paladin, each multiclass option offers a unique path for Bards to explore, enriching their adventures and contributing to the tapestry of their character’s story.

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