Major Bard Backgrounds in D&D

In Dungeons & Dragons, the Bard is a versatile and charismatic class, weaving magic through song, story, and skill. Central to the Bard’s character development are their backgrounds, which shape their past experiences and influence their abilities and interactions within the game world. Among the plethora of backgrounds available, several are particularly suited for Bards, offering rich narrative potential and enhancing the Bard’s capabilities in unique ways.

Courtier Bard


As a former member of a noble court or bureaucratic organization, the Courtier background provides a Bard with a deep understanding of social dynamics and political intrigue. Proficient in Insight and Persuasion, Bards with this background excel at navigating complex social situations and influencing others. Their knowledge of courtly affairs grants them access to valuable information and resources, thanks to the Court Functionary feature. Whether they hail from the refined halls of Silverymoon or the bustling streets of Waterdeep, Courtier Bards bring a blend of sophistication and cunning to their adventuring endeavors.

Criminal Bard


For Bards seeking a darker edge to their backstory, the Criminal background offers a compelling narrative framework. Skilled in Deception and Stealth, these Bards are adept at operating in the shadows and navigating the criminal underworld. Whether they specialize in blackmail, burglary, or smuggling, Criminal Bards bring the party a wealth of underworld contacts and illicit knowledge. The Criminal Contact feature ensures they have reliable informants or accomplices, making them invaluable assets in situations requiring subterfuge or infiltration.

Faction Agent Bard

Faction Agent

As agents of secretive organizations with far-reaching agendas, Faction Agents offer Bards a wealth of role-playing opportunities and strategic advantages. Whether aligned with the enigmatic Harpers, the righteous Order of the Gauntlet, or the nature-loving Emerald Enclave, these Bards possess unique insights and connections within their chosen faction. Proficient in Insight and a relevant skill tied to their faction, such as Investigation for Harpers or Religion for the Order of the Gauntlet, Faction Agent Bards play pivotal roles in advancing their faction’s goals while embarking on daring adventures.

Urban Bounty Hunter Bard

Urban Bounty Hunter

The Urban Bounty Hunter background presents an enticing option for Bards with a knack for tracking elusive targets. Skilled in Deception, Insight, Persuasion, or Stealth, these Bards excel at navigating urban environments and uncovering hidden truths. Whether prowling the rooftops of Waterdeep or mingling with high society in Baldur’s Gate, Urban Bounty Hunter Bards maintain a network of contacts and informants through the Ear to the Ground feature. Their expertise in tracking down quarries makes them invaluable assets to any adventuring party seeking justice or pursuing elusive foes.

Urchin Bard


The Urchin background offers Bards a compelling narrative foundation steeped in survival and resourcefulness and rooted in hardship and resilience. Proficient in Sleight of Hand and Stealth, Urchin Bards are masters of urban survival, navigating the alleys and rooftops of the city with ease. With proficiency in disguise kits and thieves’ tools, they blend in and evade detection. The City Secrets feature allows Urchin Bards to navigate cities with unparalleled speed and efficiency, making them indispensable allies in urban environments.

The best backgrounds for a Bard in Dungeons & Dragons offer diverse narrative possibilities and mechanical advantages. Whether weaving tales of courtly intrigue, skulking through the shadows of the criminal underworld, or championing the cause of a secretive faction, Bards with these backgrounds bring depth, versatility, and flair to their adventuring exploits. With the right background, a Bard’s story is limited only by the bounds of their imagination.

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