Dominant Barbarian Multiclass Options in D&D

Barbarians symbolize primal strength and unbridled fury in Dungeons & Dragons. Masters of close combat and resilience, Barbarians excel in unleashing devastating attacks while shrugging off enemy assaults with their sheer toughness. However, multiclassing opens exciting possibilities for those seeking to add depth and versatility to their Barbarian characters.

Barbarian-Fighter Multiclass

Multiclassing with Fighter

The Barbarian/Fighter multiclass is a straightforward yet potent combination of two classes that thrive on high Strength and Constitution scores. The Reckless Attack feature provides a constant advantage for melee attacks, while Action Surge enhances damage output in critical moments. The trade-off of losing heavy armor proficiency for barbarian rage is a small price to pay for the increased survivability and sustained melee prowess this combination offers.

Barbarian-Rogue Multiclass

Multiclassing with Rogue

Though seemingly thematically inconsistent, the Barbarian/Rogue multiclass leverages the synergy between Reckless Attack and Sneak Attack. Combining the Barbarian’s resilience with the Rogue’s expertise in skill challenges creates a well-rounded character capable of tanking and dealing significant damage. By focusing on the Path of the Totem Warrior and utilizing finesse weapons, this multiclassed character becomes a versatile combatant adept at exploiting enemy vulnerabilities.

Barbarian-Druid Multiclass

Multiclassing with Druid

The Barbarian/Druid multiclass taps into the primitive forces of nature, combining the relentless rage of the Barbarian with the transformative powers of the Druid’s Circle of the Moon. This synergy allows the character to become an unstoppable tank, leveraging the extra hit points of wild shape forms, resistance to damage, and the ability to convert spell slots into healing. The richness of the narrative, which embraces both the primal and natural aspects, adds depth to the character’s identity, offering a unique role-playing experience.

Artificer-Barbarian Multiclass

Multiclassing with Artificer

The seemingly contradictory pairing of Artificer and Barbarian, particularly the Armorer Artificer, unveils an innovative defensive tactician. While raging, the character gains enhanced defensiveness by utilizing the Armorer’s Guardian feature. The strategic use of non-concentration spells and Artificer features enhance the Barbarian’s survivability, creating a unique character that excels in offense and defense, blending brute force with technological ingenuity.

Barbarian-Paladin Multiclass

Multiclassing with Paladin

The marriage of Barbarian and Paladin yields a formidable frontline combatant capable of tapping into primal wrath and divine fervor. The Barbarian’s rage synergizes with the Paladin’s divine smite, offering a versatile range of combat options. Combining abilities such as Channel Divinity, Aura of Protection, and Divine Smite creates a narrative-rich character with enhanced combat prowess and supportive capabilities for the party, embodying both the fury of battle and the righteousness of a holy crusader.

Barbarian-Warlock Multiclass

Multiclassing with Warlock

The union of Barbarian and Warlock in a multiclass combination brings forth a character that epitomizes the marriage of raw physical might and eldritch magic. As the Barbarian’s wild rage intertwines with the mystical bond of a Warlock, a new archetype emerges – a warrior wielding both the animalistic force of a rampaging bull and the eerie power of a shadowy sorcerer. This amalgamation is akin to the collision of a boulder and a lightning bolt, resulting in a character exuding brute strength and arcane prowess.

Bard-Barbarian Multiclass

Multiclassing with Bard

The Bard/Barbarian multiclass creates a character that combines a performer’s charisma with a raging warrior’s brutal fury. By intertwining Bardic Inspiration with the Barbarian’s rage, this character becomes a charismatic force of nature, captivating audiences with performances and striking fear into enemies’ hearts with ferocious fury. Merging Bardic Inspiration with Barbarian’s Rage feature inspires allies with musical prowess while tapping into savage fury to enhance combat abilities. The synergy between Inspiring Presence and Barbarian’s Brutal Critical feature creates a character whose aura boosts allies and delivers devastating critical hits.

Multiclassing opens up many possibilities for Barbarian characters, allowing players to tailor their abilities to suit their desired playstyle and narrative direction. Whether combining brute strength with magical prowess or blending primal fury with tactical finesse, these Barbarian combinations are a testament to the versatility and creativity inherent in Dungeons & Dragons character design.

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