Choice Kobold Classes in D&D

Kobolds, often underestimated in Dungeons & Dragons, possess unique traits that players can leverage to create powerful and unexpected characters. While their small stature may lead some to dismiss them, Kobolds‘ innate Pack Tactics ability provides a distinctive advantage in group combat scenarios, making them formidable allies and cunning adversaries. Exploring the potential of Kobold characters allows players to tap into a rich tapestry of abilities, transforming what might seem like an overlooked race into a strategic powerhouse on the quest for glory and adventure.

Kobold Fighter

1 Fighter: Mastering Weapons with Group Attacks

The Fighter class proves to be an excellent choice for Kobolds due to their racial trait, Pack Tactics. This trait ensures that Kobolds consistently gain Advantage in combat, making the Fighter’s multiple attacks even more potent. Kobold Fighters specializing in ranged combat can enhance their damage output by taking the Sharpshooter feat, allowing them to strike from a distance accurately. While Kobolds may struggle with two-handed weapons, finesse weapons open the door for agile and deadly melee combat, making them formidable warriors on the front lines.

Kobold Monk

2 Monk: Agile Warriors with Strategic Resilience

Monks, known for their agility and finesse, are another viable class for Kobolds. The Dexterity increase aligns well with Kobold’s natural tendencies, and the easy Advantage from Pack Tactics ensures reliable attacks. In dire situations, the Grovel, Cower, and Beg ability can buy time for allies to turn the tide of battle, making Kobold Monks resilient and strategic combatants capable of striking swiftly and efficiently retreating.

Kobold Paladin

3 Paladin: Divine Smite Enhanced by Kobold Tenacity

Paladins, often associated with righteous melee combat, find synergy with Kobolds through their Pack Tactics Advantage. Coupled with Divine Smite, the increased likelihood of scoring critical hits makes for devastating attacks. Surprisingly, Dexterity-based Paladin builds are feasible for Kobolds, allowing them to stay in melee range and strategically utilize their Grovel, Cower, and Beg ability. Driven by their racial tenacity, Kobold Paladins become champions of virtue in the heat of battle, smiting foes with divine fury.

Kobold Ranger

4 Ranger: Versatile Hunters in the Kobold Tradition

Despite the underwhelming Beastmaster subclass, Rangers remain a strong choice for Kobolds. Hunter’s Mark combined with Pack Tactics ensures consistent damage output. The versatility of build options and the potential use of Sharpshooter make Rangers adaptable to different playstyles. Even without a pet, Kobold Rangers can thrive amid battle, dealing reliable damage and employing their cunning to navigate various terrains.

Kobold Rogue

5 Rogue: Precision Strikes and Tactical Cunning

The Rogue class maintains compatibility with Pack Tactics, allowing Kobolds to trigger Sneak Attack easily. The advantage gained in attacks reduces reliance on two-weapon fighting or other tactics to secure hits. Kobold Rogues become efficient skirmishers, using their racial traits to strike with precision and cunning. Whether infiltrating enemy strongholds or engaging in guerrilla warfare, Kobold Rogues excel at delivering lethal blows and slipping away unseen.

Kobolds have much to offer when paired with a suitable class. From the relentless attacks of the Fighter to the tactical finesse of the Rogue, Kobold adventurers can shine in various roles. The versatility of Kobolds extends beyond combat prowess; their natural agility and cunning make them adept at navigating challenges beyond the battlefield. Delving into the intricacies of Kobold culture, players can infuse their characters with unique traits, such as a knack for traps and ambushes or an affinity for clever diplomacy. Kobold characters can leave a lasting impression on any D&D campaign as multifaceted and memorable personalities in combat or problem-solving situations.

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