Truly Underrated Multiclasses in D&D

Embarking on the journey of mastering Dungeons & Dragons offers many paths, each enticing players with the prospect of diverse abilities and unique narratives. Multiclassing, akin to a masterful blend of culinary delights, allows characters to tap into the strengths of different classes, creating a synergistic and flavorful experience. Though endless options may exist, each can unravel symbiotic mechanics and complimentary benefits that provide limitless storytelling potential.

Monk-Rogue-Ranger Multiclass

10 Monk/Rogue/Ranger

For players seeking versatility within the D&D 5e meta, the Monk/Rogue/Ranger multiclass presents an intriguing blend of stealth, mobility, and combat prowess. The Shadow Monk’s mystical ninja abilities synergize seamlessly with the Rogue’s Sneak Attack and the Ranger’s Fighting Styles, creating a character capable of navigating shadows, delivering devastating strikes, and adapting to various combat scenarios.

Artificer-Cleric Multiclass

9 Artificer/Cleric

The Artificer Cleric emerges as a resilient and versatile character, blending the magical ingenuity of the Artificer with the divine prowess of the Cleric. By dipping into the War Cleric subclass, the Artificer gains access to heavy armor, martial weapons, and additional offensive options, enhancing both defensive and offensive capabilities. The fusion of spell lists and bonus proficiencies creates a unique character capable of thriving in battle.

Barbarian-Druid Multiclass

8 Barbarian/Druid

The Barbarian/Druid multiclass taps into the primal forces of nature, combining the relentless rage of the Barbarian with the transformative powers of the Druid’s Circle of the Moon. This synergy allows the character to become an unstoppable tank, leveraging the extra hit points of wild shape forms, resistance to damage, and the ability to convert spell slots into healing. The narrative richness of embracing both the primal and natural aspects adds depth to the character’s identity.

Monk-Rogue Multiclass

7 Monk/Rogue

Despite the Monk’s perceived weakness, the Monk/Rogue multiclass unveils a powerhouse of agility and precision. The Shadow Monk’s spellcasting complements the Rogue’s Sneak Attack, providing a dynamic blend of offensive capabilities and mobility. The strategic use of ki points for stunning strikes and the Rogue’s expertise create a character proficient in combat and skill challenges, enhancing overall party effectiveness.

Barbarian-Paladin Multiclass

6 Barbarian/Paladin

The marriage of Barbarian and Paladin yields a formidable frontline combatant capable of tapping into primal rage and divine fervor. The Barbarian’s rage synergizes with the Paladin’s divine smite, offering a versatile range of combat options. Combining abilities such as Divine Smite, Channel Divinity, and Aura of Protection creates a narrative-rich character with enhanced combat prowess and supportive capabilities for the party.

Rogue-Fighter Multiclass

5 Rogue/Fighter

Known as the commando build, the Rogue/Fighter multiclass focuses on delivering devastating nova damage through strategic play. With an emphasis on the Assassin Rogue subclass and subsequent levels in Battlemaster Fighter, the character becomes a lethal force during surprise encounters. The combination of Sneak Attack, Extra Attacks, and Action Surge allows for a burst of critical hits, turning the character into a formidable combatant.

Barbarian-Rogue Multiclass

4 Barbarian/Rogue

While thematically inconsistent, the Barbarian/Rogue multiclass leverages the synergy between Reckless Attack and Sneak Attack. Combining Barbarian’s tank-ness and Rogue’s expertise in skill challenges creates a well-rounded character. With a focus on the Path of the Totem Warrior and the use of finesse weapons, the character becomes resilient and lethal in combat, showcasing the versatility of this multiclass.

Artificer-Barbarian Multiclass

3 Artificer/Barbarian

The seemingly contradictory pairing of Artificer and Barbarian, specifically the Armorer Artificer, unveils an innovative defensive tactician. During raging, the character gains enhanced defensiveness by utilizing the Armorer’s Guardian feature. The strategic use of non-concentration spells and Artificer features enhance the Barbarian’s survivability, creating a unique character that excels in offense and defense.

Rogue-Artificer Multiclass

2 Rogue/Artificer

The Rogue/Artificer multiclass transforms into a support tactician and skill monkey, showcasing the versatility of this combination. With a minimal two-level dip into Rogue, the character gains Cunning Action for survivability and expertise for enhanced roleplaying interactions. The Alchemist Artificer subclass further amplifies the character’s utility, allowing them to maneuver in combat while administering potions and infusions to support the party.

Cleric-Wizard Multiclass

1 Cleric/Wizard

The Cleric/Wizard multiclass emerges as a strategic powerhouse, combining the divine resilience of the Cleric with the arcane mastery of the Wizard. A single-level dip into Cleric grants the character access to armor proficiency and a chosen subclass, enhancing the Wizard’s survivability. The Peace Cleric subclass, with its Emboldening Bond feature, becomes a min-maxed choice, providing a substantial boost to ability checks, saving throws, and attack rolls for the party.

Dungeons & Dragons multiclassing is an artful tapestry where mechanics, storytelling, and character identity intertwine. Each multiclass offers players a unique journey, unveiling a blend of abilities and a rich narrative experience. As adventurers venture into the world of multiclassing, they discover the depth of character growth, strategic ingenuity, and collaborative storytelling that defines the essence of Dungeons & Dragons.

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