Extremely Underrated Feats in D&D

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) stands as a vast tapestry of possibilities, weaving together a myriad of feats designed to accommodate the diverse array of character builds and playstyles that players may envision. Within this rich landscape of abilities and talents exists a spectrum of feats, ranging from widely celebrated options to those that dwell in relative obscurity. While certain feats have garnered significant attention and acclaim, it is crucial to acknowledge the existence of a cohort of underappreciated, hidden gems. Though not in the limelight, these feats possess distinctive and often overlooked advantages that can substantially influence gameplay dynamics. As players navigate the vast selection of feats available, delving into the lesser-known options can unveil new avenues of creativity and strategic depth, contributing to a more nuanced and personalized gaming experience.

Eldritch Adept Sorcerer

1 Eldritch Adept

Eldritch Adept may not rank as high as other feats, but its potential for characters with a touch of magic is undeniable. This feat allows characters to benefit from an Eldritch Invocation, providing them with access to unique abilities. Whether it’s enhanced vision, silent communication, or a touch of otherworldly charm, Eldritch Adept adds a layer of mystique to characters, making them more versatile in and out of combat.

Fighting Initiate Barbarian

2 Fighting Initiate

For characters looking to enhance their combat capabilities, Fighting Initiate offers a gateway to a variety of specialized fighting styles. This feat allows characters to choose a fighting style from the fighter class, such as Archery, Defense, or Two-Weapon Fighting. This flexibility can be a boon for characters seeking to hone their combat prowess with a touch of finesse or a focus on ranged attacks.

Gift of the Metallic Dragon

3 Gift of the Metallic Dragon

The Gift of the Metallic Dragon is a hidden treasure among feats, bestowing characters with a subtle infusion of draconic prowess. Opting for this feat allows characters to master and cast “cure wounds,” showcasing a newfound proficiency in healing arts. Moreover, those who embrace the Gift can manifest spectral wings that shield and protect others in need.

Sharpshooter Ranger

4 Sharpshooter

While not entirely obscure, Sharpshooter often takes a backseat to other combat-oriented feats. However, its potential for characters relying on ranged attacks is immense. Sharpshooter allows characters to ignore long-range penalties, take -5 to hit for +10 damage on ranged attacks, and easily shoot around cover. These abilities make it a formidable choice for ranged combatants, unlocking new tactical possibilities on the battlefield.

Telekinetic Wizard

5 Telekinetic

Telekinetic is a feat that brings a touch of psionics to characters, allowing them to manipulate objects with their minds. Characters with this feat gain access to the Mage Hand cantrip and can telekinetically shove other creatures. These psionic powers offer a unique blend of utility and creativity, enabling characters to interact with their environment in ways others might find impossible.

Defensive Duelist Fighter

6 Defensive Duelist

Defensive Duelist is a feat players should not overlook for characters specializing in finesse weapons. This feat allows characters to use their reaction to add their proficiency bonus to their AC against a melee attack. Gaining this bonus can be a game-changer in duels and skirmishes, allowing characters to gracefully evade attacks and turn the tide in their favor.

Observant investigator looking for clues

7 Observant

Despite its name, Observant is a feat that often goes unnoticed. However, its benefits for characters who favor Perception and Investigation are invaluable. This feat grants a +1 bonus to Intelligence or Wisdom, increases passive Perception and passive Investigation scores by 5, and enables characters to read lips. These skills make Observant an excellent choice for characters looking to navigate the world with heightened awareness.

Artificer Gunner

8 Gunner

In campaigns that incorporate firearms, the Gunner feat becomes a game-changer. This feat grants characters proficiency with firearms, ignores the loading property, and allows characters to use those weapons within melee range. Gunner will enable characters to become proficient sharpshooters, wielding firearms with finesse and efficiency on the battlefield.

Gift of the Gem Dragon

9 Gift of the Gem Dragon

A feat tied to the mystical power of their namesake, Gift of the Gem Dragon allows characters to harness the energy of these rare creatures. The Gift allows the recipient to react to an attack by emitting telekinetic power, doing damage, and pushing the enemy ten feet away. Players can use this reaction a few times daily, making this feat excellent for characters looking to create space while causing harm.

Spell Sniper Sorcerer

10 Spell Sniper

As the name may imply, this feat can greatly benefit characters who rely on the arcane. Spell Sniper doubles the range of spells requiring an attack roll, allows characters to ignore half and three-quarters cover when making spell attacks, and allows the character to learn an additional cantrip. Spell Sniper is an excellent choice for characters who want to stay at a safe distance while still being potent spellcasters on the battlefield.

While some feats in Dungeons & Dragons steal the spotlight, the diverse options allow unique and lesser-known choices to shine. Many have untapped potential that can enhance character builds and contribute to memorable adventures in the fantastical realms of D&D. As players continue to explore these overlooked gems, they may discover that the path less traveled leads to some of the most rewarding and surprising experiences in the world of tabletop gaming.

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