Unfavorable Familiars in D&D

Dungeons & Dragons, a realm adorned with magical wonders and fantastical creatures, introduces players to many familiars. Amidst the enchanting array, certain familiars find themselves relegated to the lower tier in terms of practicality and versatility. While some may excel in specific situations and environments, many players seek a creature they can connect with over time, leaving spellcasters yearning for companions with more robust capabilities.

Quipper in a River

1 Quipper

Despite its toothy appearance, the Quipper, a tiny piranha-like fish, falls short in practicality. While it does have darkvision, its aquatic limitations and lack of other distinctive abilities make it less appealing than familiars with more versatile skill sets. Adventurers seeking a companion with broader capabilities may find the Quipper lacking.

Spider in the Forest

2 Spider

With their eight-legged charm, spiders may appeal to more spooky characters, but they often struggle to provide meaningful utility. While spider climb may be helpful in certain situations, their terrestrial nature and lack of standout magical attributes place spiders among the less valuable familiars.

Weasel Roaming the Outdoors

3 Weasel

Though perceptive and sneaky, weasels struggle to stand out among the many magical familiars. Their lack of distinctive arcane attributes or unique skills places them in the realm of the less helpful, as the summoning spellcaster may seek companions with more impressive or alluring qualities.

Cat in the Forest

4 Cat

Cats, while beloved in the real world, may not live up to expectations as familiars in Dungeons & Dragons. Though their commonality may provide a way to hide in plain sight, their lack of standout abilities and utility in diverse scenarios may make them less desirable. Spellcasters may lean towards magical companions with more specialized and impactful attributes.

Crab on the Beach

5 Crab

While its armored aquatic exterior may charm some, the crab struggles to impress in terms of practical utility. It may have blindsight, but its limited mobility on land and lack of magical prowess make it a less helpful familiar compared to creatures with more versatile skill sets. Adventurers might yearn for familiars that can contribute meaningfully in a broader range of situations.

Octopus in the Ocean

6 Octopus

The octopus might hold some aquatic intrigue, but its limited mobility on land and lack of magical abilities may make its summoner think twice. Its Camouflage and Ink Cloud abilities make it sneakier than most underwater. However, spellcasters might find themselves desiring companions with more versatility outside the boundaries of aquatic environments.

Frog at a Pond

7 Frog

Though they have impressive jumping capability for their size, frogs tend to fall short in most other aspects of an effective familiar. Lacking distinctive magical attributes, specialized skills, or even the ability to attack, they often struggle to contribute meaningfully. Spellcasters may opt for other options that impact their adventures more directly.

A Flying Bat

8 Bat

While bats evoke a sense of mystery and darkness, their skill sets may be lacking for most advanced spellcasters. Flight and blindsight are certainly significant advantages, but in the grand tapestry of Dungeons & Dragons, their summoners may find themselves seeking companions with more distinct and versatile attributes.

Hawk Perched on a Rock

9 Hawk

While majestic in the natural world, Hawks often fall short as effective familiars. Their role as aerial observers may have situational advantages, but far better flying options are available to most spellcasters. Many would likely opt for more versatile avian companions or familiars with distinctive and universally applicable traits.

Raven Watching the Sun Set Over the Forest

10 Raven

Often associated with shadows and the afterlife, Ravens cannot compete with the growing list of available familiars. While their Mimicry ability is unique, it is situational at best, lacking the practical utility most spellcasters are searching for. Many prefer companions with more magical prowess and distinctive traits that provide distinct advantages in various adventuring scenarios.

Familiars are more than mere companions; they often become integral to a spellcaster’s identity and strategy. Having a less helpful familiar, whether land-bound, aquatic, or airborne, reminds players of the importance of considering practical utility and versatility when selecting magical allies. As the adventurers embark on their quests, the search for the perfect familiar becomes a balance between enchanting charm and tangible contributions to ensure success in the magical realms of Dungeons & Dragons.

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