The Most Underrated Class in D&D

In the vast expanse of Dungeons & Dragons, where wizards command the arcane, fighters wield mighty weapons, and clerics channel divine power, there exists a class often overshadowed by its more ostentatious counterparts—the Artificer. This exploration seeks to unravel the layers of the most underrated class in the game, delving into the intricacies of the Artificer’s unique abilities and highlighting the untapped potential that lies beneath the surface. In a world where magic and invention converge, the Artificer emerges as a hidden gem, offering players a pathway to unparalleled versatility and innovation.

Kender Artificer

The Artificer

The Artificer class represents the union of magic and invention, embodying characters who master the crafting of magical items and infuse their creations with arcane power. Despite the wealth of possibilities within its toolkit, the Artificer often takes a backseat to more traditionally revered classes. However, a closer examination reveals that the Artificer’s strengths lie in its adaptability and the potential for game-changing utility.

Hobgoblin Artificer


At the heart of the Artificer’s prowess lies the ability to infuse magic into items. This unique feature allows Artificers to enhance weapons, armor, and various mundane items, providing themselves and their allies with an unparalleled array of magical boons. Whether it’s a suit of armor that grants enhanced protection or a weapon that deals extra damage, the Artificer’s infusion capabilities make them indispensable contributors to any adventuring party.

Rock Gnome Artificer


Artificers can choose from specialized subclasses, each offering a distinct flavor of invention and magical expertise. The Alchemist, Artillerist, Battle Smith, and Armorer archetypes showcase the diversity of the class, allowing players to tailor their Artificer to suit their preferred playstyle. The Alchemist, for instance, excels in potion brewing and healing, while the Artillerist transforms into a master of magical firepower. The Battle Smith, with a magical bond to a steel defender, becomes a formidable melee combatant, and the Armorer can craft magical armor that integrates seamlessly with their combat abilities.

Artificer Casting Fabricate

Spellcasting and Tinkering

While not as spellcasting-focused as wizards or sorcerers, Artificers possess a unique blend of magical abilities. Many overlook their spellcasting, but Artificers can be adept support casters, providing healing, utility, and damage-dealing spells. Furthermore, the Artificer’s ability to magically tinker with objects adds a layer of creativity to problem-solving, making them invaluable in non-combat scenarios.

The key to unlocking the true potential of the Artificer lies in understanding its versatility and embracing a playstyle that values innovation over raw power. By leveraging the class’s strengths, such as infusions, specialized archetypes, and creative use of spells and magical tinkering, players can elevate the Artificer from the shadows of underrated to the forefront of inventive and strategic gameplay.

The Artificer is a testament to the game’s capacity for innovation and unexplored potential. Often underestimated and overlooked, the Artificer class offers a rich tapestry of possibilities for players willing to delve into the realms of magic and machinery. Through infusions, specialized archetypes, and a unique blend of spellcasting and tinkering, the Artificer emerges as a class capable of reshaping the narrative and defying expectations. As the realms of invention and arcane power converge, the Artificer beckons players to embrace the brilliance of the underrated and step into an adventure of unparalleled creativity and strategic brilliance.

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