Unfavorable Artificer Spells in D&D

In Dungeons & Dragons, Artificers are masterful artisans of magical invention and craft, wielding a fusion of science and magic to craft wondrous creations. With a limited yet diverse spell list, careful selection of spells becomes a critical aspect of their gameplay. While the world of magic is vast and varied, not all align seamlessly with the Artificer’s strengths as creators, inventors, and adaptors.

Casting Poison Spray

1 Poison Spray

The short range of Poison Spray often restricts it to melee combat, where most Artificers are less effective. Additionally, the common presence of poison resistance, immunity, and high Constitution in most enemies further diminishes its effectiveness.

Casting Resistance

2 Resistance

This spell bears a striking resemblance to Guidance and arguably offers less utility. It necessitates an extra material component and pertains solely to saving throws, which are less common than ability checks. Typically, this spell finds its ideal application just before an imminent peril. Nevertheless, if a player anticipates a looming threat, considerably more versatile and potent spells exist at their disposal.

Casting Spare the Dying

3 Spare the Dying

This spell may align better with a strict healer class like Cleric, and a simple Healer’s Kit has the same efficacy in the same action economy without requiring proficiency. Unless the party does not have access to standard adventuring equipment, most Artificers will do better looking for a more practical spell.

Casting Expeditious Retreat

4 Expeditious Retreat

This spell, despite its intriguing name, proves situational in its usefulness. Expeditious Retreat excels in chases and long-distance running scenarios, which are infrequent at best in many adventures. This transmutation also requires concentration, making it less appealing than other buff spells in most situations.

Casting Grease

5 Grease

While Grease has a chance to knock creatures prone, it only consumes half that target’s movement to get up. In a world where most beings have a standard movement speed of 30 feet or more, halving that speed still provides them with more than enough to escape the spell’s 10-foot radius quickly.

Artificer Casting Identify

6 Identify

If you have a dungeon master who is stingy with rests, or you are simply impatient, then Identify may be a fine choice. However, seeing as most magic item identification is achievable through a short rest, this spell can quickly feel redundant and take up valuable arcane spell slots.

Casting Purify Food and Drink

7 Purify Food and Drink

Performing this spell as a ritual guarantees that concerns about spoiled food will never trouble you. Nevertheless, numerous dungeon masters (DMs) often bypass supply management’s intricacies, particularly in newcomers or shorter campaigns. Unless your DM weaves a narrative emphasizing wilderness survival, this spell may serve no purpose.

Casting Skywrite

8 Skywrite

Seeing the sky merge into a shape or message could be pretty impactful in a time when gods rule the world. And more mischievous characters may see this as a grand artistic tool for provocative graffiti. However, the actual usefulness of this spell is limited and situational at best. It is incredibly worthless in campaigns spent underground, inside dungeons, or under the seas.

Casting Water Walk

9 Water Walk

While the visual impact of this stunt could be substantial to the right audience, the Fly spell becomes available simultaneously and often provides superior utility to merely walking on liquids.

Casting Leomund's Secret Chest

10 Leomund’s Secret Chest

Extremely situational, this spell is most useful when a character must discreetly transport a chest of items. However, the arcane chest’s limited size poses challenges for more oversized items like weapons or armor. In most instances, a Bag of Holding may be a better option.

Artificers in Dungeons & Dragons are renowned for their mastery of magical craft and invention. While the ten spells discussed in this article are not inherently without use, they may not align seamlessly with the typical strengths and roles of Artificers. When crafting an Artificer character, thoughtful spell selection is paramount to ensure they can fully harness their inventive abilities and adapt to the challenges encountered during their adventures. Artificers benefit most from spells that enhance their crafting, inventions, or combat capabilities, amplifying their mechanical prowess and magical craftsmanship. Spells harmonizing with their ingenuity, adaptability, and combat prowess are generally more effective and aligned with their unique role in the adventuring party.

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