Sorely Underrated Standard Weapons in D&D

The perception of underrated weapons in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) can vary based on several factors. The edition of the game, the specific campaign setting, a player’s preferred style, their character’s class, and the balance between role-playing and power gaming all play a role. There are far more factors to consider beyond the amount of damage.

Different game editions introduce varying rules and mechanics, affecting how weapons perform. Unique campaign settings can alter the value of weapons, with underwater adventures or rare materials creating distinct contexts. Player preferences, role-playing choices, and combat tactics can also influence which weapons a player may favor, while classes and abilities often dictate weapon proficiencies. The campaign’s tone and the emphasis on player interaction versus combat can also steer a player’s intention. Some may prioritize optimizing combat effectiveness, while others might focus on gear that informs their role-playing.


1 Sling

Many overlook the sling because of its low damage output. However, several advantages may make it the perfect choice for specific players. It doesn’t require costly ammunition, benefits from feats like Sharpshooter that allow long-range shots without disadvantage, and can function as an improvised weapon with other objects in a pinch.


2 Dagger

Daggers are versatile and finesse weapons, making them great for melee attacks with either Strength or Dexterity. They are excellent backup weapons for spellcasters since they can be thrown and used for melee. They are also helpful as tools for cutting, prying, or other non-combat purposes.


3 Club

While clubs have low damage, they are an excellent simple weapon with which some classes, like Druids, are proficient. They can be perfect for players who don’t invest in combat or characters seeking a basic, no-frills melee weapon.


4 Whip

The whip has a 10-foot reach, allowing you to make attacks of opportunity against foes entering that range. They work exceptionally well with the War Caster feat, allowing players to cast spells as a reaction using the expanded melee range. Other feats can also allow whips to disarm foes, making them even more valuable for control and battlefield manipulation.


5 Net

Nets are situational but can be incredibly effective when used wisely. They are excellent for restraining foes, effectively removing them from combat until they escape. Characters with Extra Attack or the Crossbow Expert feat can benefit from throwing a net before attacking with a one-handed weapon or hand crossbow.

Hand Crossbow

6 Hand Crossbow

While not as popular as standard bows due to the loading property, hand crossbows are great for ranged combat. Those with the Crossbow Expert feat can take advantage of their light property, allowing them to make multiple attacks per turn. They are ideal for characters who want high damage output without sacrificing their bonus action.


7 Quarterstaff

The quarterstaff is a versatile weapon, allowing you to use it one- or two-handed. This feature makes it a suitable choice for characters with various fighting styles. Spellcasters often favor quarterstaffs because they function as a melee weapon without requiring additional weapon proficiency.

War Pick

8 War Pick

The war pick deals piercing damage and is a versatile weapon. It is ideal for characters who want something simple but effective. Though there is little mechanical difference between standard armor and damage type, war picks can provide unique narrative and role-playing opportunities due to their brutality.


9 Trident

The trident is another versatile weapon that deals piercing damage. Unlike a war pick, tridents are ranged weapons capable of being thrown. Narratively, it is a good choice for characters with aquatic backgrounds or those looking for a unique weapon. Still, regardless of campaign setting, a trident’s versatility can be a significant advantage in combat.


10 Javelin

Standard ranged weapons often overshadow the simple, versatile, and widely available javelin. Dangerous for both melee and ranged attacks, javelins are an excellent choice for strength-based characters who want to do damage from a distance.

Ultimately, the beauty of Dungeons & Dragons lies in its versatility and adaptability. While the game’s mechanics are essential, they are a means to enable a rich and immersive role-playing experience. Therefore, the choice of weapon should not only be a strategic decision but also one that adds depth to your character’s story, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your D&D adventures.

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