Wonderfully Underrated Magic Weapons in D&D

In Dungeons & Dragons, magica weapons come in all shapes and sizes, each with unique properties and abilities. While some legendary weapons receive much-deserved recognition, others quietly await their moment to shine. These weapons may not always steal the spotlight, but they can offer unique advantages and the potential for unforgettable role-playing moments.

Weapon Of Warning

1 Weapon Of Warning

Weapons of Warning are versatile and uncommon magical weapons that can exist in various forms, from a dagger to a laser pistol. As the name would suggest, these weapons can warn the attuned player of impending danger. When attuned, it provides a significant advantage in initiative rolls and prevents the party from being surprised, even while they sleep. While not the most powerful weapon in terms of damage, a Weapon of Warning can lead to memorable role-playing scenarios where unexpected foes disrupt the party’s sleep.

Wand Of Smiles

2 Wand Of Smiles

The Wand of Smiles may not deal damage directly, but its potential for chaos makes it a whimsical addition to any D&D campaign. Beyond its passive ability as an arcane focus for sorcerers, wizards, and warlocks, this common magical item has three charges that allow players to compel a humanoid target within 30 feet to smile for one minute. The mark must make a DC 10 Charisma check to resist. This strange arcane effect can lead to entertaining interactions, de-escalate confrontations, or add lightheartedness to the game. And if the wielder expends all charges, it might even become a new source of disarray, the Wand of Scowls.

Gambler's Blade

3 Gambler’s Blade

The Gambler’s Blade is an intriguing but cursed weapon. Attuning to this rare sword allows players to choose a magical bonus from +1 to +3, enhancing their attack and damage rolls. However, the blade applies a corresponding penalty to death-saving throws for each bonus point selected. The higher the bonus, the greater the risk, introducing an element of wagering with one’s life that can lead to high rewards or dire consequences.

Dagger of Blind Sight

4 Dagger of Blind Sight

This rare magic item provides the attuned creature with the power of blindsight up to a range of 30 feet. While a dagger may not be the first choice for a player seeking maximum physical damage, this magical incarnation is a hidden gem for characters seeking to bypass visual limitations and uncover hidden threats.

Moon-Touched Sword

5 Moon-Touched Sword

It may not be the flashiest of weapons, but the Moon-Touched Sword is a functional and inexpensive way to maintain a permanent light source without requiring the wielder’s off-hand or spell slots. Additionally, these swords count as magical weapons against creatures with resistance to non-magical attacks, making them invaluable for characters exploring dark dungeons or facing otherworldly adversaries.

Berserker Axe

6 Berserker Axe

The Berserker Axe offers a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, along with an intriguing twist. Attuning to this weapon increases the attuned character’s hit point maximum by one for each level attained. However, the axe carries a curse. As long as the curse persists, the wielder becomes unwilling to part with the axe and has disadvantage on attack rolls with any other weapon unless no foes are within 60 feet. Moreover, taking damage in combat may force the character to go berserk, attacking the nearest creature until either the target or the character falls. This risk-reward element can add depth to a player’s character and combat encounters.

Staff of Healing

7 Staff of Healing

The Staff of Healing is a versatile support weapon with ten charges that allow the attuned character to cast spells like Cure Wounds, Lesser Restoration, or Mass Cure Wounds. The staff regains 1d6 + 4 expended charges every dawn, ensuring a steady supply of healing magic. However, if the wielder expends all charges, there is a risk of the staff vanishing. This magic staff is a hidden treasure for characters looking to bolster their healing abilities and support their comrades in battle.

Devotee's Censer

8 Devotee’s Censer

The Devotee’s Censer is a flail with a rounded head perforated with symbols and patterns that can function as a holy symbol for a cleric or paladin. Upon hitting a target, the flail deals an extra 1d8 radiant damage. As a bonus action, the wielder can release a thin cloud of healing incense, providing 1d4 hit points to creatures within 10 feet at the start of each turn. This unique combination of offense and healing adds a divine touch to the battlefield.

Grasping Whip

9 Grasping Whip

This +1 whip hides a distinctive and valuable ability. When striking a Large or smaller creature or object, the wielder can pull the target 5 feet closer instead of dealing damage. Combined with reach, this feature grants players strategic control over the battlefield, enabling them to reposition enemies or objects to their advantage.

Two Birds Sling

10 Two Birds Sling

With a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, the Two Birds Sling excels in versatility. When making a ranged attack and hitting a target, the wielder can cause the ammunition to ricochet toward a second target within 10 feet. This deflecting blow allows for consecutive ranged attacks, offering the potential to hit multiple targets with a single shot.

While legendary weapons often claim the spotlight, D&D is full of underrated magical weapons that showcase the diversity and creativity available to players and DMs alike. With an evergrowing armory of magical options with unique mechanics that enhance gameplay, these weapons can lead to unforgettable moments throughout a campaign. As players delve into their worlds, these hidden gems await discovery, promising exciting and unexpected adventures.

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