Underrated Spells in D&D

These underrated spells are akin to hidden treasures in magic awaiting exploration by brave adventurers. Although they might not carry the same legendary status as the iconic spells, they possess an inherent charm that lies in their unexpected utility and creative applications. These unsung heroes of the spellbook have the potential to breathe life into unique character builds and turn seemingly insurmountable challenges into thrilling opportunities for players to shine. From cunning illusions and unexpected divinations to unconventional evocations, these spells demonstrate that true power often comes in unassuming packages in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Casting Illusory Script

1 Illusory Script

1st-Level Illusion. Available to Bards, Warlocks, and Wizards.

Illusory Script is a spell often overlooked for its seemingly mundane purpose. However, it conceals messages with an illusion, making them readable only to those who know the spell’s unique cipher. This spell can be invaluable for secretive communication, treasure maps, or delivering instructions, allowing characters to keep their information safe from prying eyes.

Casting Protection from Energy

2 Protection from Energy

3rd-Level Abjuration. Available to Artificers, Clerics, Druids, Rangers, Sorcerers, and Wizards.

Protection from Energy is a spell that grants resistance to a specific energy type: fire, lightning, or any other element. It may not be the flashiest spell, but facing dragons, elemental foes, or fiery traps can turn characters into nearly invincible heroes, absorbing harmful energy and surviving what might otherwise be deadly encounters.

Casting Leomund's Tiny Hut

3 Leomund’s Tiny Hut

3rd-Level Evocation. Available to Bards and Wizards.

Leomund’s Tiny Hut is often considered a spell for cautious wizards or temporary shelter. Yet, it provides an impenetrable dome that guarantees a safe night’s rest. In a hostile wilderness or a dungeon filled with dangers, having a secure place to recover and prepare spells can mean the difference between life and death.

Casting Water Walk

4 Water Walk

3rd-Level Transmutation. Available to Artificers, Clerics, Druids, Rangers, and Sorcerers.

Gate is a spell of Water Walk is another spell that often escapes the spotlight. It allows characters to tread on water as if it were solid ground. The uses are numerous, from walking on lakes and rivers to evading aquatic threats or navigating treacherous swamps. It may not see everyday use, but when the situation calls for it, Water Walk can be a lifesaver. summoning potential. It enables the caster to open a rift to other planes of existence, beckoning beings from other realms. The summonable creatures vary from celestial allies to powerful extraplanar entities, granting the caster a formidable army or a source of immense knowledge.

Casting Nystul's Magic Aura

5 Nystul’s Magic Aura

2nd-Level Illusion. Available to Wizards.

Nystul’s Magic Aura is the unsung hero of deception spells. It can mask the true magical nature of an object, making it appear non-magical or even as a different type of magic. This spell is invaluable for infiltrating wizards’ sanctums, avoiding detection, or misdirecting others with a clever ruse.

Casting Silence

6 Silence

2nd-Level Illusion. Available to Bards, Clerics, and Rangers.

Many underestimate the utility of the Silence spell, but it’s a powerful tool for stealth and countering enemy spellcasters. The spell creates an area of silence, making verbal spellcasting impossible. Infiltrating enemy territory or shutting down enemy spellcasters can be game-changing, even though Silence doesn’t have the immediate allure of a fireball.

Casting Sending

7 Sending

3rd-Level Evocation. Available to Bards, Clerics, and Wizards.

Sending is a seemingly simple spell with profound utility. It enables characters to send a short message to a creature anywhere. This spell can be a lifesaver for keeping contact with allies, sending for help, or receiving critical information when needed most. Its potential for storytelling and strategic use is vast.

Casting Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum

8 Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum

4th-Level Abjuration. Available to Artificers and Wizards.

This spell creates an area that hinders divination magic and enhances physical security, an often overlooked defensive advantage. It’s also a masterful tool for privacy and secrecy. In a world filled with powerful scrying spells and prying eyes, having a secure, private space is a valuable asset for any party.

Artificer Casting Enlarge Reduce

9 Polymorph

4th-Level Transmutation. Available to Bards, Druids, Sorcerers, and Wizards.

Though Polymorph is not usually considered underrated, many overlook its versatility. Beyond turning enemies into harmless creatures, it can turn allies into mighty beasts or provide creative solutions to challenging situations. Polymorph is a spell that rewards clever thinking and innovative gameplay, making it a hidden gem for creative players.

Casting Water Breathing

10 Water Breathing

3rd-Level Transmutation. Available to Artificers, Druids, Rangers, Sorcerers, and Wizards.

Water Breathing is a spell that often escapes the spotlight, but it can be a game-changer when aquatic adventures or underwater exploration arise. By granting the ability to breathe underwater for 24 hours, it opens up a world of possibilities for characters. Whether delving into sunken ruins, exploring hidden underwater realms, or escaping aquatic threats, Water Breathing can turn seemingly perilous underwater scenarios into thrilling and survivable quests. Its potential for expanding the horizons of your adventures makes it an underrated gem in the spellbook, ready to provide a breath of fresh aquatic air.

In Dungeons & Dragons, the game’s true beauty lies in its diversity and endless possibilities. These ten underrated spells demonstrate that the most potent magic is often not the most obvious or flashy. From secret messages to surviving dangerous terrains, each of these spells has the potential to be a game-changer when used creatively and strategically. Players and dungeon masters alike can delight in these hidden gems, unveiling unexpected solutions and adding depth to their adventures.

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