Choice Cleric Spells in D&D

In the rich tapestry of Dungeons & Dragons, clerics serve as the conduits of divine power, wielding spells granted by their chosen deities. These holy individuals can mend wounds, smite foes, and commune with gods. To celebrate clerics’ divine magic, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best cleric spells that every devout follower should consider for their sacred spellbook.

Cleric Casting Cure Wounds

1 Cure Wounds

1st-Level Evocation. Available at Level 1.

This evocation is the quintessential cleric spell, channeling the power of the divine to mend injuries and restore health. It’s a mainstay for any cleric, ensuring they can keep their allies in fighting shape. With a gentle touch and a whispered prayer, clerics invoke this spell to close wounds and offer solace, embodying their role as the spiritual healers of the party.

Cleric Casting Healing Word

2 Healing Word

1st-Level Evocation. Available at Level 1.

This evocation is a cleric’s lifeline in the heat of battle. They can grant swift healing to an injured companion with just a word, often saving lives when seconds count. By calling upon the divine, clerics can provide instant relief, letting their allies rise from unconsciousness to rejoin the fray with renewed determination.

Cleric Casting Spirit Guardians

3 Spirit Guardians

3rd-Level Conjuration. Available at Level 5.

This conjuration summons celestial spirits to protect the cleric and their allies. These ethereal guardians deal radiant damage to enemies within range while providing a defensive barrier—a divine force of fury. As the spirits swirl around, the cleric magnifies their presence, creating a celestial shield that bolsters their comrades and punishes their foes.

Cleric Casting Guiding Bolt

4 Guiding Bolt

1st-Level Evocation. Available at Level 1.

This evocation combines divine power with precision. When a cleric casts this spell, they send forth a radiant bolt of energy, damaging the target and granting advantage on the next attack against them—a potent combination of offense and teamwork. Guiding Bolt embodies a cleric’s dual role as a damage dealer and a strategic leader on the battlefield.

Cleric Casting Shield of Faith

5 Shield of Faith

1st-Level Abjuration. Available at Level 1.

This abjuration bestows divine protection upon an ally, increasing their Armor Class and making them harder to hit. It’s a cleric’s way of ensuring the safety of their companions in the face of danger. As the cleric intones the prayer, a shimmering shield appears, reinforcing the faith that bonds the party and provides an extra layer of defense.

Cleric Casting Banishment

6 Banishment

4th-Level Abjuration. Available at Level 7.

This abjuration is a formidable spell that taps into the cleric’s divine authority. With it, they can send creatures from other planes back to their home, effectively removing them from the battle and providing a much-needed advantage. When a cleric invokes this spell, their words carry the weight of divine command, banishing extraplanar foes and restoring control to the battlefield.

Cleric Casting Divine Word

7 Divine Word

7th-Level Evocation. Available at Level 13.

This evocation is the voice of divine authority. When a cleric speaks this word, it can incapacitate or even banish foes while also healing and protecting allies—a testament to the power of faith. This spell epitomizes the cleric’s divine connection, allowing them to reshape the course of battle with words that resonate with the heavens.

Cleric Casting Mass Cure Wounds

8 Mass Cure Wounds

5th-Level Evocation. Available at Level 9.

This evocation takes the cleric’s healing abilities to new heights. It allows them to restore health to multiple allies at once, turning the tide of battle in their favor. With outstretched arms and a heartfelt prayer, the cleric invokes the spell, enveloping their comrades in a radiant aura of healing energy, symbolizing the party’s unity.

Cleric Casting Raise Dead

9 Raise Dead

5th-Level Necromancy. Available at Level 9.

This necromantic spell embodies a cleric’s connection to the divine. With this spell, they can bring a fallen comrade back to life, giving them a second chance to fulfill their destiny. As clerics channel the divine energy, they transcend the boundary between life and death, serving as a conduit for the miracle of resurrection, rekindling hope, and reaffirming their sacred duty.

Cleric Casting Holy Aura

10 Holy Aura

8th-Level Abjuration. Available at Level 15.

This abjuration is the pinnacle of divine protection. It creates an aura of radiant energy that bolsters the cleric and their allies, providing resistance to various forms of attack and preventing possession. It’s a shield against the darkest of forces. When the cleric invokes this spell, they become a beacon of divine light, dispelling darkness and guarding their companions against the most insidious threats, a symbol of unwavering faith in the face of adversity.

Clerics are the faithful servants of the divine, and these ten spells are a testament to their divine brilliance. Whether you’re mending wounds, smiting enemies, or calling upon the gods for miracles, these spells capture the essence of a cleric’s sacred duty. With these divine incantations, you’ll be a beacon of hope and a force for good in Dungeons & Dragons.

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