Great Ranger Backgrounds in D&D

The choice of background can significantly shape your character’s story, abilities, and role within the adventuring party in Dungeons & Dragons. Selecting the most suitable background for Rangers can enhance their tracking, survival, and combat abilities while providing intriguing narrative hooks for roleplaying.

Criminal Ranger


The Criminal background offers a rich tapestry for a Ranger with a shady past and intimate knowledge of the underworld. While proficiency in Deception might not be as crucial for a Ranger, the proficiencies in Stealth and the ability to use thieves’ tools can complement their wilderness prowess. The Criminal Contact feature provides access to a network of criminals, aiding the Ranger in gathering information and navigating the seedy underbelly of civilization. This background allows the Ranger to seamlessly integrate into the party’s rogue-like activities, offering versatility in combat and social interactions.

Urban Bounty Hunter Ranger

Urban Bounty Hunter

Similar to the Criminal background, the Urban Bounty Hunter background provides a Ranger with a history of tracking down targets within the confines of urban landscapes. The skill proficiencies in Deception, Insight, Persuasion, or Stealth offer a diverse range of social skills that can be useful in various situations. Additionally, the Ear to the Ground feature grants the Ranger a reliable contact in any city they visit, facilitating information gathering and expanding their network of allies. This background is ideal for Rangers who thrive on the thrill of the hunt and excel in urban environments.

Urchin Ranger


For Rangers who have risen from the streets, the Urchin background offers a gritty and resourceful foundation for their character. Proficiencies in Sleight of Hand and Stealth reflect the Ranger’s ability to navigate urban environments with finesse and agility. The City Secrets feature enhances the Ranger’s mobility within cities, allowing them to traverse urban sprawls swiftly and efficiently. This background provides a compelling backstory for a Ranger who has overcome adversity through cunning and survival instincts, adding depth to the character’s origins.

Charlatan Ranger


While unconventional, the Charlatan background can offer unique opportunities for a Ranger who excels in deception and manipulation. Proficiencies in Deception and Sleight of Hand enable the Ranger to weave intricate schemes and disguise their true intentions when necessary. The False Identity feature allows the Ranger to assume different personas and forge documents, providing them with the tools to infiltrate enemy territory or gather information incognito. While lacking the traditional tools of a rogue, the Charlatan background offers a different approach to subterfuge and cunning for a Ranger who operates on the fringes of society.

Far Traveler Ranger

Far Traveler

The Far Traveler background provides a sense of exoticism and mystery for Rangers hailing from distant lands. Insight and Perception proficiency align with the Ranger’s keen senses and observational skills honed through their travels. The choice of a musical instrument or gaming set adds cultural depth to the Ranger’s backstory, reflecting their heritage and interests. The All Eyes on You feature highlights the Ranger’s foreign origins, attracting curiosity and interest from the people they encounter. This background offers ample opportunities for storytelling and exploration as the Ranger navigates unfamiliar territories and encounters diverse cultures.

In Dungeons & Dragons, a Ranger’s background can significantly influence their character’s abilities, backstory, and role within the party. Each background offers unique roleplaying and character development opportunities, whether hailing from the criminal underworld, navigating urban landscapes, or traversing distant lands. By carefully selecting the background that aligns with their character concept and playstyle, players can create compelling Rangers who excel in wilderness survival and urban intrigue.

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