Imposing Rogue Weapons in D&D

In Dungeons & Dragons, Rogues emerge as a distinct class renowned for their finesse, astute cunning, and peerless precision in various aspects of the game. Within the context of the D&D universe, Rogues are the consummate experts in stealth, guile, and versatility, both on and off the battlefield. They possess an innate knack for infiltrating, disabling traps, and executing surgical strikes, often relying on their agility and skill to succeed where others might falter.

A quintessential aspect of the Rogue’s gameplay is their remarkable aptitude for performing sneak attacks, deftly exploiting an enemy’s vulnerabilities. This skill, combined with their uncanny evasion abilities, makes Rogues formidable combatants, capable of bypassing defenses and striking with lethal precision. However, the effectiveness of a Rogue’s sneak attack relies heavily on their choice of weapon.

Choosing a weapon for a Rogue is not merely a matter of convenience; it is a careful selection based on a thorough understanding of the character’s identity and tactical approach. The ideal weapon serves as an extension of a Rogue’s innate cunning and combat strategy. Such weapons are specifically chosen for their capacity to deliver sneak attack damage consistently or adapt to various scenarios, allowing Rogues to maintain the upper hand in combat encounters and effectively carry out their missions.

While there is no universally “best” weapon for all Rogues, certain weapons are inherently better suited to this class’s strengths and playstyle. These weapons accentuate a Rogue’s capacity for precision, while others provide flexibility to handle many situations. The choice of a Rogue’s weapon is as much a statement of their character as it is a tactical decision that marks their place in the vibrant, ever-changing world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Hand Crossbow

5 Hand Crossbow

If you prefer a one-handed ranged weapon, this is a solid choice. Like its Light cousin, the hand crossbow suffers from the “loading” property. However, despite the confusing naming conventions of the two options, the hand crossbow is an actual light weapon. Combined with the Crossbow Expert feat, this feature would enable a Rogue to make an additional crossbow attack for their bonus action—something normally unattainable, as while hand crossbows are considered light, offhand attacks typically only apply to melee weapons.

Light Crossbow

4 Light Crossbow

There may be no better choice for a Rogue’s ranged weapon. Light Crossbows have the same range and cost as a short bow but with 1d8 damage instead of 1d6. These weapons have the unfortunate “loading” property, but since Rogues do not receive the Extra Attack feature, reloading becomes a non-issue.


3 Rapier

The rapier is a finesse weapon that deals 1d8 piercing damage. It is an excellent choice for Rogues who favor precision strikes and want a weapon with a bit more damage potential. While not a light weapon, rapiers do not require both hands, leaving one free to carry a shield or use items.


2 Shortsword

Shortswords are one of the most common choices for Rogues as they have the finesse property and deal decent damage. They are also easy to handle and can be used for dual-wielding, allowing Rogues to make an extra offhand attack. They are also adaptable, allowing for stabbing and slashing attacks.


1 Dagger

Daggers are a Rogue’s best friend. They are light, finesse weapons, which means a Rogue can use their Dexterity for attack and damage rolls. Easily concealable, daggers are great for surprise attacks and versatile for melee and ranged combat. Throwing daggers is also an option for Rogues who want to attack from a distance.

The best non-magical weapon for a Rogue depends on the character’s fighting style and the campaign’s challenges. Daggers, shortswords, and rapiers are prevalent for their versatility and damage potential, while shortbows and hand crossbows are effective for ranged attacks. A Rogue’s weapon choice should align with their role in the party, playstyle, and personal preferences.

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