Imperfect Species for a Cleric in D&D

Clerics, revered divine servants and spiritual healers in the D&D universe, are vessels of divine power. While their connection to the gods is essential, not all species seamlessly harmonize with the role of a devoted cleric. This article delves into the ten worst species for a cleric, considering their unique abilities, thematic incompatibilities, and the potential challenges they pose for role-playing within the diverse and intricate world of D&D.

Autognome Cleric

1 Autognome

Autognomes are self-winding, mechanical beings known for their devotion to precise, lawful systems. While they may lack the typical divine connection of clerics, their rigid, structured nature can pose unique challenges when trying to channel divine power.

Changeling Cleric

2 Changeling

Changelings possess fluid identities and adaptability, which might not align with the steadfast faith and unwavering devotion typical of clerics. Their shape-shifting abilities, while versatile, could create narrative dissonance within the cleric class, as the concept of a constant, devoted identity may conflict with their ever-changing nature.

Lizardfolk Cleric

3 Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk, renowned for their pragmatic and survival-focused mindset, may not naturally embody the pious dedication that defines a cleric. Their deep connection to nature and their practical values can sometimes conflict with the devout nature expected of a cleric.

Genasi Cleric

4 Genasi

Genasi, individuals with elemental ancestry, have a connection to the elemental forces rather than infernal ones. While they might have a different set of challenges, their tie to the elements creates a unique dynamic when pursuing the role of a cleric.

Goblin Cleric

5 Goblin

Often portrayed as mischievous and prone to chaos, Goblins may not easily align with clerics’ stoic and devout nature. Their behavior, which leans toward trickery and cunning, might not resonate with the traditional role of a cleric who typically embodies faith and order.

Aarakocra Cleric

6 Aarakocra

Aarakocra, bird-like creatures connected to the skies, do not inherently embody a cleric’s earthly devotion and grounded faith. Their natural affinity for flight and their aerial perspective can clash with the image of a cleric serving terrestrial deities.

Kobold Cleric

7 Kobold

Slight and often perceived as fearful and meek, Kobolds may find capturing a cleric’s unwavering faith and conviction challenging. Their size and generally timid demeanor can create role-playing difficulties in portraying an influential and commanding cleric.

Gith Cleric

8 Gith

Gith’s long history of warfare with the illithid and their potent psionic abilities make them more suited to other classes, such as fighters or psionic characters. Their focus on psychic power may not easily align with the divine powers that clerics draw upon.

Firbolg Cleric

9 Firbolg

Known for their gentle and reclusive nature, firbolgs may not naturally harmonize with the traditional role of a cleric. Their demeanor often leans more towards druidic or spiritual notions rather than being devout servants of the divine, which can lead to thematic conflicts.

Tortle Cleric

10 Tortle

Tortles, humanoid turtles with a profound connection to the ocean and land, might find it challenging to embody the sincere faith and conviction expected of a cleric. While their natural armor and resilience are advantageous, their slow pace and unwavering calmness may sometimes contradict the image of an actively devout cleric driven by faith.

While these species may present unique role-playing challenges for clerics, they also offer rich opportunities for creative character development and compelling narratives in Dungeons & Dragons. Embracing the contrasts between a species’ characteristics and the calling of a cleric can lead to distinctive and memorable characters that enrich the tapestry of adventures in the D&D universe.

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